5 Reasons to Choose Bottled Water over Tap Water

With the increased rate of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity, the emphasis on a healthier lifestyle is more than ever. Staying hydrated is one of the important things that keep you healthy. But, staying hydrated doesn’t mean consuming aerated drinks and packaged juices.

Water is the best thing you can have to stay hydrated. However, if you are one of those who is always on the go or do not like the taste of mineral water, opt for bottled water. Although there are myths related to bottled water, it has many benefits. Let’s look at a few:

  1. More convenience

    As per studies, the average water consumption should be around 2 litres every day. But, many people find this number to be little more than what they can consume. If you are travelling, carrying two litres of water is not practically possible. This is where bottled water comes in handy. You can easily find bottled water at convenience and grocery stores. Instead of carrying 2 litres bottle, you can easily buy a bottle when required.

  2. Easy to store

    Water does not have an expiry date, so it can be stored for emergency situations such as floods or any natural disaster when the water supply is interrupted. You can store tap water also, but it means engaging all the utensils. In case of a natural disaster, there is a possibility that tap water might not be available or is not fit for drinking. Bottled water is sealed, which guarantees its cleanliness. Not many know that if you keep bottled water and drink the water after five years, it will still have the same quality and taste.

  3. No impurities

    Tap water undergoes a lot of treatment to become drinkable. Since it travels through pipes and faucets before you drink it, impurities may be present in the water. Bottled water is free from impurities. It is produced as per the guidelines and undergoes a quality check to ensure it has no impurity. Therefore, you can rest assured that bottled water will be free from chemicals and bacteria.

  4. Better taste

    There’s no denial that bottled water tastes better than tap water as it goes through different purification processes. Also, bottled water has fewer minerals than what is in tap water. So if you do not like the metallic taste of the water that comes from the tap, you will like bottled water.

  5. Many flavours

    Nowadays, many bottled water manufacturers are coming up with a range of natural flavoured bottled water. Ingredients such as electrolytes are added to the water to make it more flavourful, which also provides more nutrients to the body and keeps it hydrated.

Myths related to bottled water
Many believe bottled water to be unhealthy because it is packed in PET bottles. However, all the bottles and packaging materials are approved by FDA, which makes them safe to be used for packaging.

Another common myth is that bottled water is not fit for drinking if the bottle was kept in a hot environment. It is believed that plastic bottles release chemicals into the water, which can lead to severe illnesses. This statement is completely false because PET bottles do not release any harmful substances on being exposed to hot environment.

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