17 Top Los Angeles Beaches

Top Los Angeles Beaches

Loss Angeles where the stars shine and the world visit this city to enjoy its shine. Many come here to enjoy the fast-track life, clubs, hotels, and the real amusement of this city. This presents this city as the more rocking city but there are such beautiful beaches that make the balance of this city’s life. You can book your Flight from UK to Ethiopia to enjoy the best and most relaxing beaches in the city. Let’s elaborate on these LA beaches one by one.

1-Paradise Cove:

If you see the cliffs of Malibu this beach is located beneath it. This is a public and private beach best for swim or surfing. People come here and rent out the beaches bed and lounges to spend quality time here. Beach walk and sunset views are worth watching.

2- Venice Beach:

Silky sand on the beach which covers an area of a Mile and a half is the best spot to spend time on the beach. You can enjoy here the delightful performance of many street artists and can visit the musclemen lifting practices on the beach. So this beach is a combination of relaxation and amusement.

3-Carbon Beach:

This is a privately owned beach where you walk along the wealthiest people’s homes. The clear water is best for swimming and jogging around the beach will give you immense pleasure in a calm environment. This place in summer overruns people and you have to put effort to reach and get a place even being a private beach.

4-Santa Monica State Beach:

Santa Monica is the most famous beach in LA due to its white sandy beaches. You can have fun on the beach in the water and on the beach where many amusement rides are waiting for you such as roller coasters, Segways, and luxury hotels.

5-Huntington City Beach:

This beach is one of the best beaches in LA which is stretched along a 121-acre park. You can have fun here over the surf. International Surfing Museum is also a great place of attraction on this beach. You can find surf shops easily on the beach and enjoy the best in the waters.

6-Point Dume State Beach:

At the end of Malibu, this beach is located at the location. A beautiful cliff’s edge is situated making it more beautiful. Crystal water is perfect for swimming and you can also enjoy scuba diving to look at nature more closely.

7-El Matador State Beach:

Beach sounded with the rocks and water waves push water to the edge of the rock making an incredible view and atmosphere. Don’t forget to wear water shoes to protect yourself from slippery rocks and uneven surfaces. This place is a wonder of nature where you can spend a complete day in the best way.

8-Laguna Beach:

This is one of the most crowded beaches in LA. As many people come to this beach, especially on summer days. You can have fun playing volleyball on the beach sand. A walk on the beach will free your mind from all negative thoughts and will give take you near nature.

9-Dockweiler State Beach:

This beach is located on the south of L. It’s known for its best facility beach is easily accessible, lot of parking facilities, and has one of the best swimming water. You can walk barefoot and enjoy the beach’s beauty more closely.

10-Manhattan Beach:

Beach named after Manhattan is the showcase of the California lifestyle. Playing volleyball and enjoying the beach cruiser gliding at Manhattan Beach will give you much pleasure. You can also take a bike ride along the Marvin Bike Trail. People come here to spend quality time with family and friends.

11-Surfrider Beach:

Clean water and saltwater fishing are the pride of this beach. You can swim in crystal clear water and at the same time surfing over the water tides can be the best time to spend on the beach. You can walk along a long beach and enjoy the water and sand attraction.

12-Will Rogers State Beach:

You can call this a no-man land as very few people come to this place which makes it quite a less crowded beach in L.A. This will provide you with plenty of space to enjoy and carry out your fun activities on the beach.

13-Bolsa Chica State Beach:

This beach is located over 3 miles long sand. This beach is also less crowded and you can have fun by jogging over the paved biking. You can walk along into the water without going deep into the water. This is a great outdoorsy type spot.

14-Bruce’s Beach:

Charles Bruce built a villa there that caused later the name of the beach Bruce’s beach. This land is also entitled to the Bruce family after a legal fight. Although this is a private place you can visit this beach to enjoy the breathtaking views from the beach.

15-Lechuza Beach:

This beach is also less comparatively crowded. Lechuza Beach rock formations make it difficult to reach and walk the beach surface. But a small part of the beach is still sandy to walk around and have beach fun there.

16-Hermosa Beach:

The word Hermosa means Beautiful in Spanish which is exactly suitable for this beach. There you can enjoy the real beach beauty as a boardwalk and bike path are established. You can enjoy the nightlife scenes. Hotel Hermosa is located on the pacific coast highway and welcomes its customer who comes to observe the beauty of the beach.

17-Mother’s Beach:

This beach is also known as Marina beach. This beach is the best beach for families and small children. You can find a safe area for all to go into the water without going deep which children and the families like the most. Other than that you can have fun playing basketball and volleyball on the beach.


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