10 easy mistakes to avoid when choosing curtains for your home

They are much more than a piece of cloth that covers the windows or prevents the neighbors from gossiping: in addition to being decorative, they are key to the brightness of your home. Make no mistake choosing them!

You spent three days seeing how the light suited the paint samples on the wall, you just needed to resort to virtual reality to choose each of the furniture in the living room and, when it comes time to choose the Sheer Curtains Dubai, what you hang the first ones that come your way? Mistake!


Neither color, pattern nor type of support… The first aspect that you must take into account to get the curtains right has, in reality, little to do with them and much to do with what they keep hidden: the windows.

And it is that even the best-coordinated falls can be a disaster if the luminosity they have is not taken into account. Keep in mind that north-facing windows always receive less light than south-facing ones, so it is advisable to use fabrics for curtains that are not too dense or dark, so as not to remove even more light from the room. And, on the contrary, in windows to the south, it may be necessary to opt for one that can block the most intense rays.


A frequent mistake, closely linked to the above, is to place only a few fine curtains in dimly lit rooms. Although it seems like a good idea to enhance the natural light of the space, keep in mind that, just as the sun rises every day (squid!), it also sets that there are several hours when the curtains are essential to protect our privacy from prying eyes. Something that transparencies –more appropriate to suggest than to hide– cannot guarantee.

In these cases, it is best to combine two layers: a translucent one for the day and an opaque one for the night. And even if this brings to mind those classic draperies typical of a mansion with tradition, don’t suffer: there are many ways to do it so that it fits into a current style, such as combining blinds or screens under the curtains, with slatted blinds, with flat panels like the Japanese…


Forgetting the mission of the curtains as elements that filter the light of a space can have catastrophic consequences. For example, with the curtains in the bedroom: if your bedroom is oriented to the east and you decided on some fine falls after a certain time (very early) you will no longer be able to sleep if the light bothers you. Or you will have to bury yourself under the pillow to take a nap if it is to the west.

Solution: Whatever the curtain is chosen, don’t forget to combine it with opaque fabrics capable of blocking light, like a dark shade, which will also help you control the interior temperature of the room.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t be the first or the last to fall short on your curtain rod – or cut-to-length track, even worse! – by failing to measure your window carefully, or do it by hand or ‘by eye’.

Or even that, even having done so, they do not take into account that they must add at least 30 cm to the resulting figure on each side of the window to be able to separate the falls, open it comfortably and prevent the frames from being seen on the sides.


How is it possible that that fabric that looked rich and sumptuous in the exhibition –or in the catalog, in the photo on the internet, or at your friend’s house…– looks ‘squalid’ in our window? It may not be the fabric itself that is to blame, but rather the quantity –scarce– with which you have made the curtains.

To calculate the amount of fabric needed for your curtains, it is recommended to multiply the size of the hole to be covered by 2 or 2.5 -and even by 3, in the case of the finest sheers-, depending on whether we want the more gathered effect. or more linear. And don’t forget to add another 10 cm for the hems on the sides.


In the same way that skinny pants with heels lengthen your legs and a boyfriend cut shortens them (no matter how fashionable it is), the place where you place the curtain rod influences its final finish. Whatever the size or shape of the windows, if the panels come out from under the roof they will be more stylish than if you place the support just above them.

As with the width, for the length of the Curtains shop in Dubai, you also have to resort to mathematics: the fabric must measure at least 35 cm more than the ready-made fall of the curtain. (to be able to top fasten and hem). Keep this in mind if you don’t want it to end up looking like your wall has given ‘a stretch’. And, if you want them to drag, add another 10 cm.


Did you fall in love with a fabric with a super-trend tropical print and now you see yourself changing the whole decoration of the living room to fit it? That is what is said to live firsthand the prominence that patterned curtains can acquire, especially in colorful versions or with large motifs.

If it has not been a conscious decision, it is better to opt for smooth fabrics and preferably light colors, although you also have the option of making them the center of attention in the room, reducing the impact of other elements with visual weight, such as the sofa or the rugs. to prevent them from competing with each other.


Although depending on tastes, colors –and patterns–, the most beautiful fabric in the world will not look as you expect of it if it does not have a good drape, such as those provided by linen, cotton, or silk fabrics. On the other hand, these natural fibers have some drawbacks, such as the tendency to shrink or fade due to the action of the sun, in the case of the most intense colors.

Although it may seem like a dilemma, the solution is usually somewhere in the middle: choose a fabric with a certain amount of synthetic fiber that gives it stability against water and light to enjoy curtains that are as practical as they are decorative.


Using the same fabric –especially with prints– for curtains, upholstery, and any other element that comes your way –see lampshades, cushions, etc.– is not only out of fashion but will also make your living room look far away. from being ‘bundled’, it is a little less than claustrophobic.

Which does not mean that, for fear of the variegated effect, we end up with a scheme so neutral that it could end up being bland. Halfway between one option and the other, opt for curtains with some enhancement if your furniture is smooth and sober or for smooth ones in the case of patterned upholstery although, in either case, in a color palette that integrates the different items.


The headers of the curtains have a visual component –with more or fewer ruffles, more or less elaborate…– but also a purely functional one: ensuring that the falls slide smoothly.

Try to keep this in mind before opting for loops or a simple fold in the same fabric as the curtain, especially in the case of the thickest and most difficult to operate. This type of finish works with thin curtains and in windows that are not usually opened frequently, although, for day-to-day use, metal eyelets, rings, or hooks that can be handled comfortably from the ground are more recommended, either with the same curtain or with a bar for it.


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