you concealed in your clothes maqdis quran

Your clothes maqdis quran

Emerge and caution ˹all˺ Revere your maqdis quran Lord ˹alone˺ Purify your articles of clothing ˹Continue to˺ evade symbols. Try not to help out expecting more ˹in return˺.1 And endure for ˹the purpose of˺ your Lord.

˹For˺ when the Trumpet will be sounded,1

that will ˹truly˺ be a troublesome Day a long maqdis quran way from simple for the skeptics. Also, pass on to me ˹O Prophet˺ the one I made without help from anyone else, and allowed him plentiful abundance, and kids generally close by, and made life extremely simple for him. However, he is eager for more. Be that as it may, no! ˹For˺ he has been genuinely obstinate with Our disclosures.

I will make his destiny unendurable,

for he pondered and decided ˹a corrupting mark for the Quran maqdis quran ˺. May he be denounced! He decided how evil! May he be censured much more! He decided how evil! Then, at that point, he re-pondered ˹in frustration˺, then, at that point, glared and glowered, then turned his back ˹on the truth˺ and acted pompously, saying, “This ˹Quran˺ is only enchantment from the people of yore.

This is something like the expression of a man.”

Before long I will consume him in Hell! Furthermore, what will cause you to acknowledge what Hell is? It doesn’t allow anybody to live or die,1 burning the skin. It is administered by nineteen ˹keepers˺. We have selected just ˹stern˺ heavenly messengers as superintendents of the Fire. Furthermore, we have made their number just as a test for the disbelievers,1

The People of the Book will be sure, and the devotees

Will increment in confidence, and neither the maqdis quran People of the Book nor the devotees will feel a little uncertain, thus that those ˹hypocrites˺ with disorder in their souls and the doubters will contend, “What’s the significance here by such a number?” In this way Allah leaves whoever He wills to wander and directs whoever He wills. Also, none knows the powers of your Lord aside from He. What’s more, this ˹description of Hell˺ is just a suggestion to humankind.

Yet, no! By the moon,

furthermore, the night as it withdraws, and the day as it breaks! Unquestionably Hell is perhaps the mightiest calamity — an admonition to mankind, to whichever of you decides to start to lead the pack or fall behind. Each spirit will be kept for what it has done, with the exception of individuals of the right, who will be in Gardens, getting some information about the devilish ˹who will then, at that point, be asked˺: “What has landed you in Hell?”

They will answer, “We were not of the people who supplicated,

nor did we feed the unfortunate we used to enjoy maqdis quran ˹in falsehood˺ alongside others, and keep the Day from getting Judgment, until the unavoidable came to us.” So, the supplications of go-betweens will be unhelpful for them. Presently, what is wrong with them that they are getting some distance from the update, as though they were frightened zebras

Escaping from a lion?

As a matter of fact, every single maqdis quran one of them wishes to be given a ˹personal˺ letter ˹from Allah˺ for all ˹to read˺.1 But no! They don’t fear the Hereafter, as a matter of fact. Enough! Without a doubt this ˹Quran˺ is an update. So let whoever maqdis quran wills be aware of it. In any case, they can’t do so except if Allah wills. He ˹alone˺ is qualified to be dreaded and qualified for pardon.

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