Why Manufacturers Preferred Rigid Packaging For Luxury Items

When it comes to the luxury packaging boxes, the rigid boxes are on the top of the list. These are made with the rigid and the non bendable stock which does not wear off or break too easily. These boxes are great for packaging those products which are fragile and need some extra protection or are heavy weight. Moreover, the rigid presentation boxes are very handy where the main purpose is to give a premium image of the brand. They are helpful in adding value to the product. Their main purpose is to serve as presentation boxes. 

The rigid boxes are used by innumerable brands around the globe. These can be used to serve various short time or long time purposes. Here are a few popular uses of rigid boxes;

Uses of Rigid Boxes

  • Rigid packaging are especially use on those occasions where the presentation of the products has a huge role to play. For example, many brands around the world use rigid boxes to present their products in style at various prestigious exhibitions and trade shows. Imagine your products being presented nicely organized in a briefcase type of rigid box. Besides, they can be used to present the products in executive meetings.
  • Some companies also use the flip top box with magnetic closure to introduce the special editions of their products. It is a great means of enhancing sales and developing new lines of customers besides keeping the already earning customers. 
  • Besides, a new line of product can introduce in this luxurious type of packaging to give it a head start. It helps give a premium impression about the product right from the beginning. 
  • Another very common trend around the world followed by many companies is to introduce various souvenirs at special occasions. These can give additional value by packing them in the rigid boxes. For example, many companies celebrate their anniversaries by introducing the souvenirs in rigid packaging.
  • You can also use the rigid boxes to reward your loyal customers. You can reward them with some special gifts pack in luxurious boxes. It is a tool use by many brands to help retain the customers and establish brand loyalty. It is especially helpful when there is a pressing need to fight back a tough competition by other rising competitors.
  • Moreover, another common use of the rigid packaging is to offer some promotional material to the potential customers. For example, these boxes may contain special discount coupons, or the free invitation cards to a special event or exhibition, the entry to a draw, and so on. It helps towards widening the customer base by earning new customers. 
  • Rigid boxes can use to transport fragile items especially in the case of e-commerce. For example, items like fragile dinnerware, or similar products can pack in rigid boxes with proper padding for extra protection during transit.
  • Moreover, sometimes these boxes may use by various companies to send their products as samples to potential customers. For example, medical companies send their medical equipment and machinery to the doctors in professionally designed rigid briefcase boxes.  

Personalization of Rigid Boxes

rigid setup boxes

You can personalize the rigid packaging in as many ways as you like. When it comes to printing, the general trend is to go with the minimalist approach. The rigid boxes we generally see in the market have a lot of blank space to create a balance and the text is on limit, especially on the front. Generally, the front contains only the logo. However, you can go with any type of printing pattern. Moreover, rigid boxes can have several types of closures. Though the most commonly use closure is the magnetic closure. 

Moreover, you can add handles to your rigid boxes, this gives them a briefcase look which is useful for corporate meetings and occasions where a professional look is require. Rigid boxes can also have cut out windows. For example, various apparel companies sell their branded, high quality apparels in the rigid boxes with windows. This enhances the display and makes the decision making process quick and easy for the customer.

Finishing Options For Rigid Boxes

Since the rigid set up boxes are all about presentation, they cannot do without a final finishing. You need to finish them well if you want them to stand out and be presentable. When it comes to the finishing of the rigid boxes, USA box manufacturing companies are offering a lot of options.

For example, aqueous coating, gloss finish, semi gloss finish, matte finish, spot UV, rose gold and many others. These will help add value to your product by giving the packaging a premium look. Moreover, a final coating adds to the sturdiness of the box. It protects the box against early wear and also provides extra protection for the printed text underneath. 



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