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Why is Finding the Perfect Underwear so Hard?

Why is Finding the Perfect Underwear so Hard?

Why is Finding the Perfect Underwear so Hard?


What would be the perfect men’s inner boxers is a very difficult question to answer in one line. Because everyone has different priorities when it comes to the utility of men’s inner boxer. Because whenever someone buys men’s underwear they have a certain thing in their mind, based on which they select the best boxers for men.

It’s difficult to find the right undergarments. A frustrating and arduous experience that necessitated extensive investigation, patience, and, sadly, sacrifice. It’s so overwhelming if you do not even know where to begin if you don’t know what you’re doing. And there’s an awful contradiction about it as a piece of apparel we wear every day.

Are you looking for something that hugs your body well, or maybe something in which your looks get enhanced? Are you looking for something which can provide support to your legs or have a pouch in it? Is it necessary for it to be smooth and delicate, or heavier and firm? Are you looking for a boxer or a brief? And how do you know what style you require in the first place? if you have all these questions in your mind, then you are also confused about what to buy?

we founded Underwear Professional to address this shortage of expert authority. And it’s because of this absence of a solution to these issues in underwear that we partnered up with Impetus, one of the most sustainable and responsible companies, to produce the “I” By Impetus range—a selection of underwear we’ve painstakingly crafted to suit everybody and everyone.

9 reasons why Men’s innerwear boxer shopping sucks?

Underwear shopping is a pain. The prices are outrageous, some of the designs are frightening, and finding non-synthetic underwear at a fair price is difficult. But, hey, it’s something we all have to deal with.

  1. The price point- as soon as you think of investing in the best boxers for men online, you go to the market for the better option. Then you see the price label, and you realize the fact that, even though this is just a small piece of fabric, it is costing you more than your shirt and trouser. And sometimes you have to compromise and settle with other available option and you end up buying something which you was not looking for.
  2. When you buy men’s underwear from the online store, it may look funky, cute, or sexy to you, then you buy it, and when it arrives you realize the fact that, practically it cant be worn as underwear, they just look good on the screen.
  3. And when you buy men’s underwear from an offline store, in some cases you are not allowed to try them, before buying, and in the worst scenario, you have to buy whatever you are going to try. So in case you wish to do some experiment with your look, or want to try something new, you have to restrain yourself from doing that. Because why the hell, you will pay twice or thrice the expecting price just for the sake of the experiment. What if that doesn’t fit, you?
  4. Choosing the fabric is nothing but a nightmare. You have to choose the fabric; according to the occasion, you are going to wear. Like you have to choose a different fabric for gym, heavy exercise, light exercises, for lounging at home, for office, for humid climate, for cold climate. Imagine buying all these at the same time, you are going to freak up.
  5. And when you have bought all this, the real problem arises, since the men’s inner boxer which is made specifically for the exercise, or made from organic cotton and modal fabric and some of them are infused with the latest technology like cooling feature and quick-drying feature, all this makes you bill too expensive to digest and ultimately you have to compromise.
  6. Finding the correct size is one of the issues which you are going to face no matter what you have tried. Most men have to buy men’s boxer underwear that holds their balls in place. you cant do compromise with this. In most cases, the problem faced by men is sometimes the outer fitting of the underwear is good. But their balls down feel at a place, and in another case, when balls sit at the place their movement got restricted.
  7. Sometimes to get better quality like some technological features like moisture-wicking technology, you have to compromise on your health. Otherwise, in some cases, you are unintentionally causing a great threat to the environment to please your requirement. You will be left with guilt at the end of the day.
  8. Men have to compromise most of the time in comfort and between sexiness. What will give you a sexier look cant guarantee you comfort. It is seen in most cases.
  9. In case you have decided to compromise on the price point when you buy men’s underwear. You will have to face problems like chaffing, loose waistband after sometimes, holes, fading colours. And you may face the problem that they are not able to provide better support to your balls. And no men would like to compromise on this point when it comes to the men’s inner boxers.


Hey! We are London Bee Clothing. We believe that comfort makes for a better world. Everyone deserves the comfort of clothes that feel good.

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