Where to find a good mobile application developer?

Where to find a good mobile application developer?

What to choose between an app developer and a digital agency for your app project? Whether you want to develop a mobile app companies in Ireland, web or mobile game, we give you our expert advice so you don’t go wrong in your choice.

In the long process of creating a mobile application, one of the fundamental steps is to find an application developer or a digital agency that will support the realization of your project.

If you frequently read our blog, you are already familiar with the criteria for a successful mobile application project. However, no matter how good an idea is, it won’t guarantee success without a developer who can code your app, unless it’s a basic project. Indeed, there are “do it yourself” tools that use pre-designed patterns and that do not require any programming knowledge. On the other hand, if your idea is unique, you will have no choice but to hire an application developer to carry out your digital project. Yeeply can help you in this process!

Yeeply: find an app developer for your project

There are many search platforms for specialists in all fields. Yeeply is the platform dedicated solely to the mobile application and website mobile app companies in Ireland professionals. There are freelancers and digital agencies specializing in the development of applications, ideal for more complex projects.

But Yeeply is also a team of experienced managers. We remain at your disposal to advise you on all aspects of mobile applications and help you in the management of your project. From the design phase to the publication of the application on the stores and the implementation of the marketing strategy, we are at your side.

Here are the professionals Yeeply can help you find:

  • app developers dublin.  for all mobile platforms and programming dialects. We have experts in developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even HTML5 applications.
  • Mobile game developer.  The development of a mobile game is much more complex than that of a mobile application. If your project is a mobile game, you will need to find app developers who know how to program on Unity or other platforms to create games.
  • Application designer.  For design and use to come together to create a unique experience in your app, you need a designer. This expert will be able to advise you on the UX and UI of your project.mobile app companies in Ireland
  • Mobile marketing expert.  Publishing a mobile application in the stores is not enough to attract users. A marketing expert will help you raise awareness of your app, increase downloads, and most importantly,  retain users.

Hire an app developer or agency for my project?

Creating a mobile app companies in Ireland isn’t just about writing code. Long hours of work must be devoted to its design to make it attractive and user-friendly. We must not forget the marketing and in particular the development of a good business plan to monetize the application. Many project leaders wonder if it would no longer be reasonable to hire a digital agency instead of an independent developer.

Not always. If it’s a simple project, you won’t have to hire multiple professionals to complete it. In addition to programming, most developers have app design skills. However, some more complicated apps need native development, which means that each target platform needs at least one developer. Finding a designer that will handle the aesthetic aspects in the case of games is also advised. A digital agency will probably be better able to meet the requirements of projects of this type. In addition to designers and developers, you will have at your disposal managers who will ensure the integral management of your project. A digital agency can also help you set up a marketing strategy to monetize your app.

Which operating systems and programming languages ​​for your mobile application?

The search for a developer always begins with the definition of some basic characteristics of the future application. And the most important thing to know is what operating systems it should run on. Android, iOS, Windows Phone? The apps on each operating system are programmed in a separate language. Therefore, you need to know which operating systems you want to target so that you can find a programmer whose skills match your expectations.

There are many operating systems out there, but some hold a bigger share of the market than others, and these are essential if you want a successful mobile app.

1. Android

Google’s operating system is the market leader worldwide, with the possible exception of the United States or Switzerland, where Apple still has the largest market share. More than 80% of mobile device users use Android. Without a doubt, you will need an Android application developer if you intend to conquer the mobile application market.

2. iOS

Apple follows Android and, with the iPad, dominates the tablet market. It is recommended to create your application on iOS. These are still about 15% market share. Additionally, iOS users are more likely to spend on apps. iOS could therefore be a strategic target of your business model. That said, you will most likely need an iOS app developer.

3. Windows Phone

It is Microsoft’s operating system, the third most used system in the world. Some predict a near and certain end to it, but it is still in the running in certain countries such as Italy and Germany, where it holds a few per cent market share.

4. BlackBerry

With BlackBerry, it’s a similar story to Windows Phone. You’re not going to break into the mobile app market with a BlackBerry app. However, it can be a good development axis if you have already dominated the previous markets.

5. Symbian, Ubuntu Touch et Firefox OS

These minor operating systems are the speciality of a few application developers. But we will always need some Symbian, Ubuntu or Firefox developers to develop the most popular applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

There is practically a native programming language for every operating system. With native development, if you have an app project for Android and iOS, you will actually need to create two separate apps: one for Android and one for iOS. They will not share a single line of code! It is said that the native solution always guarantees the best quality. That said, there is what is called cross-platform development which allows us to create mobile applications for various systems from a single original development. These developments are not native, but they hold very good results for certain types of applications. If this is the solution you are interested in, you will need a cross-platform mobile application developer.

6. Web Apps

These types of applications are programmed, among others, on HTML5, CSS and JQuery Mobile. Their access to smartphone peripherals such as the camera or Bluetooth is restricted, but despite its limitations, web applications are ideal for certain projects. The most used framework for this type of development is Phone Gap.

7. Interpreted Applications

In this case, the mobile application is programmed and then translated into the programming language of the terminal . This type of programming allows faster development for the mobile application developer and facilitates access to different platforms with little effort.

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