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What’s Good, Bad And The Ugly Of Shopping For Tile Online V/s Store

In the age of shopping online interior decor has dramatically changed. In light of the worldwide concern over Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is even more sensible to stay with online shopping options while in the security of your home.

There are a lot of online options today! From interior design and design services online to creating Pinterest boards, there are endless possibilities in the planning of your tile designs.

There are no more days that brick-and-mortar hardware stores are the only option (thankfully!). This means that you no longer have to walk through endless aisles and uneasy choices.

If you’re new to tile shop London, have no worries! Here’s all you should be aware of. We’ll take an in-depth review of the needs of today’s consumers and discuss the pros and cons of buying online versus traditional stores.

If your primary concern is cost or convenience, we’ll cover every aspect of the consumer experience so you can consider the benefits and cons.

Let’s Take A Look To Find Out, Shall We?

The Good

Based on a study conducted by us, 57% of people aged 30-44 prefer shopping online in comparison to physical stores for home improvement. Three main reasons were identified for this trend’s growth that includes convenience, comparison shopping, and cost.

Simple User Experience

Customers love the quick and simple experience of buying tiles online. For starters, shopping online is easy. A majority of eCommerce tile stores come with search bars so that you can type in the keywords most appropriate to describe the type of tile you want.

After the styles and materials that meet your criteria have been uploaded to the screen, click on thumbnails to find out more information about the product, including dimensions, finishes, and weight.


There’s no need to talk to the sales representative to inquire about questions since everything you require is on the internet.

It’s also a lot less hassle than having your spouse drive into stores, forcing them to pick between pearl or eggshell tile. 

Instead, the process of choosing is much faster. You can browse through the tile showroom London options with just only a couple of swipes and a click, even with your mobile device.

This feature is beneficial for those who would rather make large-scale creative decisions from the at-home comforts of their homes. Shopping online for tiles is a great time saver!

Comparative Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping around for the best bargains? The satisfaction of knowing that you have a bargain is among the most satisfying benefits of online tile shopping.

If you’re interested in a specific tile style, browse other tile stores to get the most affordable cost on the same or similar models.

Online Shopping

When you shop at brick-and-mortar stores however it isn’t always possible to get the price match assurance. Certain brands or sellers don’t qualify for a price match and, unfortunately, they’re generally the most expensive designs.

More Affordable

Tiles purchased online are almost always less expensive than shopping at a physical store. This is not due to the fact that the tiles are of better quality however, there is a major reason: overhead costs.

The major business retailers need to increase prices for their products to meet the costs of operating. Take a look at it this way: rental, repairs, materials personnel, and the list is endless.

Because of the large expense involved, buying tiles in brick-and-mortar stores is typically higher than buying from online retailers.

The eCommerce platform allows for keeping the prices of tiles low due to the fact that there are fewer operating costs. With no rent overhead or advertising, and with employees, the online stores are able to offer lower prices for tiles.

The Bad

While the benefits of online shopping far outweigh the disadvantages, there’s a major concern for the majority of shoppers is the appearance and feel experience. A personal inspection of the product can be more reassuring during the process of remodeling a house.

Visual Interaction

In the brick-and-mortar store, customers can get up close to the tiles. In contrast, when you are in virtual space you may not get full-spectrum images on the tile, specifically in their smallest specifics, like their color consistency.

This is a crucial aspect to consider when it comes to tiles such as wood or marble since every slab is unique with slight variations in the style. In a physical shop, you can observe the way light from the sun reflects into the ceramic tiles, and how it alters their appearance before you make the choice.

It’s a good thing, and that’s the reason why many online retailers offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee in the event that expectations don’t match reality. 

Physical Interaction

A touchy-feeling experience with the best tile shops in London is essential when making decisions about remodeling. If you are looking for tiles made of stone such as this the ability to physically touch them is beneficial to understand the unique texture and layout.

Since every stone tile could be similar in size and shape, customers need to check their consistency prior to purchasing.

Many online stores take care of this by offering an option to zoom in for thumbnails. This allows you to see more closely aspects like the pattern or smoothness to aid in making your choice.

The Ugly

Although we’re not able to identify the things that are “ugly” regarding tile shopping online There’s one issue that a majority of consumers find most aggravating: waiting.

Waiting For Your Tile

In contrast to brick-and-mortar stores purchasing online means that your tiles will not be delivered to your house immediately.

It also will depend upon the options for shipping you have available and if you’re willing to pay extra for expedited shipping. In the event that you don’t, you may have to wait for a few weeks before receiving your tiles.

If you’re on a short schedule with your contractor the wait time could impede the remodeling plan.

While the majority of consumers still prefer brick-and-mortar shops, the trend is slowly moving towards an online-based world. Are you looking to jump into the water? Consider shopping from tile warehouse London for your next home design project.

Metallic Floor Tile

Important Points To Take Into Account When Purchasing Flooring Tiles

If you’ve decided to change the appearance of your outdated boring floor, spend your time researching and finding modern and durable, stylish, and high-quality tiles stores in London choices.

There are numerous flooring tile options, but none of them are going to meet your needs. In certain areas, you may be more concerned with looks and aesthetics, while in other durable floorings, durability might be the main issue.

We have compiled a list of important things to keep in mind while buying tile flooring for your house. Taking note of these points will allow you to enhance the design and appearance of your house.

Size Is Everything

Large Dimension Tiles size is one the most important aspects which require your complete focus. If you’re looking for floor tiles that can be used in large areas, then you should select large-sized tiles such as 100×200 cm, 120x120cm 80x120cm, etc.

These sizes are suitable for smaller rooms since larger tiles make the room appear larger than it really is.


Before you pick the right tiles from a vast selection make sure you choose a variety of styles that can be used to decorate your house in a distinctive design.

The best options that are available are matt, polished wooden, marble tech, metallic, and rustic finishes. Depending on the overall design of your house you can pick one that is perfect and complements your personal fashion.


Polished Vitrified Tiles are the most frequently used and popular flooring tiles. The options for floor tiles are vitrified, ceramic glass, cement, and mosaic tiles London.

The majority of people choose to use vitrified or ceramic tiles to decorate their homes because it’s extremely durable and comes in many styles, colors, and patterns. It offers an assortment of beauty and durability.



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