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What is the Importance of Indian Bath Towels?

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Indian bath towels are wonderful. It’s amazing because of the amazing fabrics, rich design , and unique colors. The rich collection of bath towels gives you the best shine and look! Bath towels should be so comfortable that you are able to wrap yourself around them after a warm shower. It keeps you all fresh and amazing. Indian bath towels are very popular and you need to choose the right bath towels. Here are a couple of factors that you need to choose if you want the best Indian bath towels

The weight of bath towels

The higher the GSM, the more soft and absorbent the towel will be. Lighter towels weigh anywhere between 300 and 400 GMS but are too light for daily use. It is important to go for lightweight towels that help you with easy and quick drying facilities. You will be able to have the best experience. High GSM makes the towel a dense one, which makes the bath towels gentle, dense, and soft to use. When you need hand towels, you should always go for lightweight ones that are not very dense.

Always consider the right weight, which you can find in the product description box. Make sure you confirm the right weight of bath towels because that makes a huge impact on the type of bath towel that you want. If you want highly absorbent towels, you need heavy and dense towels with a high GSM bath towel for a perfect wrap-around and soft experience that makes you feel cozy. 


It is important that you consider the right absorbency material. The weight of the towel in the GSM is the best indicator of absorbency. In the thicker and heavier GSM, you will find a heavy absorbent towel. Products that are made up of cotton or cotton-rayon blends also tend to soak up more water. It is very important that you choose a highly absorbent bath towel that will help you with an easy wrap-around experience.

You will find a cozy and comfortable wrap-around that keeps you completely warm after a perfect warm shower. If you get lightweight bath towels, they will not be very absorbent. You will get highly absorbent towels that are dense and heavy. It depends upon your requirements. 

The fabric of the bath towels

Bath towels should be soft and comfortable. When you decide to purchase bath towels in bulk, you need to make sure you pick up soft and comfortable ones. It is a matter of your business reputation, and you cannot choose anything other than 100% cotton mere towels.

Cotton towels are soft and highly absorbent. It should be skin-friendly and not allergenic. If you are in the tourism or spa industry, you need to offer your customers the sheer joy of comfort and coziness. The best fabric for bath towels is cotton. 

Visually check the towel before buying

Buying a bath towel is always going to be a touchy one. Without touching it, you are definitely not buying one. It is important to know that brands often put various finishes on bath towels, which makes them super soft. However, when you wash it once, the coating comes off.

Therefore, what you need to check visually are the edges of the towel. Are the edges folded neatly with organized stitches? If so, it signifies good-quality towels.

Get some unique shades and colors

The colours of bedsheets are pivotal in upgrading your bedroom décor. You need to upgrade all the styles of your fashion, home décor, and bathroom space with a perfect range of bath towels that upgrade the experience of a perfect bathing style that makes it comfortable and cozy for you after a warm shower.

Towels should always be vibrant and bright. You need to make sure that you go for some vibrant and unique shades that keep you completely amazed. 


When you decide to get bath towels for yourself, you need to choose the most durable ones. Go through the online reviews that talk about the long-lasting durability of bath towels. If you are purchasing an exclusive bath towel, it is definitely going to be an expensive one. As a result, you cannot keep purchasing it on a regular basis.


Bath towels are large in size. If you compare it with face or hand towels, it is much larger. The approximate bath towel size available in Trident is 75×140 cms. It should be long enough to wrap you completely. It depends upon your body stature.

Anti-Microbial and Odorless 

Trident limited company exclusive bath towels are anti-microbial and odorless. Even after several uses, your bath towel is going to smell wonderful. The antimicrobial property of the bath towel is going to win hearts. 

Trident is where to shop!

When you choose the best brand for bath towels, you get the best towel life, fabrics, price, and patterns. This best brand always offers the best Indian bath towel collections. 


Hi I am Shivom Gupta, I am Manger at Tridentindia . Are you ready to take what you know about Textile company and buying new bed sheets, bath towels, Fabrics, Yarn and many more for your home? If so, then we invite you to shop with us here at Trident India.

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