What Features Should You Include in Your Construction Website Design?

With the flu pandemic forcing many to delay large renovations, construction companies need a website that attracts, inspires confidence and builds trust. Let Mediaboom show you how.

A great construction company homepage makes a bold statement without saying much at all. Millbrook Construction does this by using captivating images of their work to command visual attention from the get-go.

1. Header Photos

When a visitor arrives at your construction website, they need to know who you are and what services you provide. To do this, you can use photos of your people or equipment or display your project portfolio. Then, a clear call-to-action button and contact information can be placed on your homepage.

Using images can be effective for construction websites, but it’s also important to make sure your site is responsive. This means that it is easy for visitors to navigate on mobile devices.

Legacy’s website uses cool tones, large text and a symmetrical layout, all of which create a professional-looking construction site. It also includes a live chat box pinned to the bottom of the page, which allows the company to connect with customers at any time. This adds to the user experience and shows that the company cares about its customers. This is another way to build trust and set yourself apart from competitors.

2. Video

While a construction company is an expert in concrete and not in coding, they still need a high-ranking website that can capture attention and make their competitors quake in their hard hats. To do so, the site needs to be both visually captivating and user-friendly.

A construction site that is difficult to navigate can quickly lose visitors’ interest. A construction company’s homepage should include a clear value proposition that can capture the visitor’s attention and truly make them feel connected to the brand.

This construction site does a good job of including a clear value proposition and providing users with the information they need. However, the site could use more white space to create breathing room between different elements and sections. This is important because websites that are overcrowded with varying sizes, shapes, and colors can be overwhelming for visitors and may cause them to get confused as they try to figure out where to start on the site.

3. About Us

The right website can help your construction company attract new customers. By including a professional bio and testimonials, you can highlight your experience and expertise.

Incorporating a video on your website can help you capture the attention of visitors and increase your conversions. This is especially important for construction companies that rely on visuals to sell their services.

This construction website design features a captivating video background that shows a contractor sanding a piece of wood. Its simple layout and color palette create a clean, professional look that instantly grabs the viewer’s attention.

This construction website has the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Its clean and symmetrical layout makes it easy to navigate, while its large text and navigation bar make it clear what information is available. It also contains a search button that allows users to quickly find what they need, without having to scroll down the page. The website is a true standout in the industry!

4. Contact Us

The main problem with a construction company website is that most of these companies are experts in concrete, not web design. Hiring a firm that specializes in this niche can save you a lot of time and money, as well as the headaches that come with trying to learn new software and tools.

One of the best ways to grab a potential client’s attention is with captivating visuals. CJS does a great job with this on their homepage, using a beautiful, full-screen time-lapse of a construction site to catch the eye of visitors.

A good way to make your construction website stand out is by highlighting your projects in a portfolio page. Cortes Contractors does a good job of this, including both images and videos of their work on their portfolio page. They also include a call-now button in the top right corner and a contact phone number in their footer to make it easy for visitors to reach out to them.

5. Portfolio

If you want to make a good impression on potential customers, start with a great looking website. Studies show that people subconsciously equate the quality of your company with how well-designed its website is.

For example, if you’re a roofing contractor that emphasizes sustainability and inclusivity, highlight those values on your homepage. This will help you connect with users who share your core values and build brand loyalty.

Another great way to impress is by showing off your work in a compelling portfolio. This will demonstrate your expertise and convince potential clients that you’re the right fit for their project.

For instance, this construction company’s website features a gallery of impressive projects, including their expert renovation of homes and businesses. The clean design and easy navigation are the perfect combination to attract visitors and convert them into customers. The website also features a search button that instantly directs users to the page they’re looking for.

6. Services

A construction company’s services can vary from remodeling to new building, and a comprehensive portfolio is important for capturing the attention of site visitors. The example below from ADCO does a great job of providing an easy-to-navigate list of services without being overly wordy.

A website with clear, concise, and meaningful information helps keep users on the site longer. This allows you to showcase your expertise, encourages them to contact you, and ultimately converts them into new business.

CJS hits the mark with a full-screen time lapse of a project in their first impression, which makes for an impressive hook and memorable tagline. The rest of the page focuses on experience, people, building, and performance. This straightforward approach is effective and easy to navigate for users who know what they want right away. Using banners for main titles also helps make the content easier to read. They also take it one step further by including video testimonials, which add to the credibility of the brand and increase conversions.

7. About Us

If you want your construction website to be a useful marketing tool, then it needs to be more than just a place for people to find out about your business. It should help you attract customers and convert them into clients.

One way to do this is by showing what services your company offers. This is a great idea for both small and large companies. Having separate service pages allows you to focus on different types of customers and tailor content for them.

GM’s website shows that they offer everything from commercial construction to timber systems. It also showcases a gallery of their best work so potential clients can get a feel for what they do.

This site does a great job of using a clean design to show off their portfolio. They use a subtle parallax scrolling effect and offsetting images to give their website a modern look. This site is also very easy to navigate, ensuring that users can quickly find what they need.

8. FAQ

Adding an FAQ page to your construction website design is a smart move because it helps potential customers quickly find the information they’re looking for. This is especially important if your construction business services multiple areas.

As a construction company, you’re known for your work and expertise, so it’s only natural to want to highlight those projects on your website. This way, you can attract more clients by showcasing your work and showing them that you have what it takes to complete the project they’re envisioning.

Another great feature to add to your construction website is a testimonial page. Testimonials are a powerful tool because they validate your construction company’s work and help build trust with potential clients. A testimonial page is like word of mouth on steroids, so don’t miss out on this marketing opportunity!

9. Contact Us

If you want to stand out in the construction industry, it’s crucial to have a website that reflects your company. This includes a project gallery that showcases your work and catches potential customers’ attention. Ray Romano Contracting has a gorgeous project gallery that looks like a mini-museum of their impressive home renovations.

The site also features a sleek motion design that takes users through the site and highlights their services. They’ve also grouped their information into categories, which makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. This includes a list of their services, a FAQ page, and an easy-to-find contact form. The company’s logo is also prominently displayed on the homepage, creating a memorable first impression.

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