What are The Symptoms of Cylinder Head Failure?

Cars may look like tough bodies on the outside. However, they are the neediest of human luxuries when it comes to taking care of them. You have to take good care of them if you want them to be part of your lives for a long time. Their maintenance is due to you. And in case you are found careless, the bills of repairing your cars would cost your wallet heavily. 

The failure of the engine or car brakes is quite evident. However, the cylinder heads and their deteriorating state always get ignored and little does a new driver understand that instead of looking for engine repair centers, they should be looking for “cylinder head services near me”.

What are the Functions of the Cylinder Head in the First Place?

The cylinder head is an important component of your engine.

It’s a sturdy piece that sits on top of your unit and conceals its workings. The head gasket holds it in place. They must withstand enormous pressures and extremely high temperatures while maintaining their shape and form in hope of securing the cylinder block via the head gasket. They play an important role in controlling airflow into and out of the cylinders as well as fuel deployment.

It also provides a passageway for the coolant and attempts to keep the engine cool. 

The Different Issues that can occur with the Cylinder Head and Their Consequences 

Many issues can arise if the cylinder head or car is not maintained properly. Cracking of the cylinder head is at the top of the list. If the cylinder head cracks, it can let the coolant enter the engine unit. This means that the oil will be affected and much worse be the cause of engine pitting. The damage to one cylinder head and gasket can ruin others. Consequently, instead of changing one, you might have to change multiple cylinder heads.  It will result in overheating, and excessive fuel consumption. But the worst part is that a failure of a cylinder head can fail your car’s engine. 

Symptoms of Cylinder Head Failure

The cylinder head issues a number of earnings before it completely gives up. Here are some of the symptoms to recognize that the cylinder head has failed and it is high time to change or repair it before it destroys your whole engine.

Smoke Clouds

White smoke clouds can also indicate cylinder head issues. In a worst-case scenario, white smoke can be seen coming from the diesel engine, implying that coolant has infested your oil as a result of a ruptured or damaged head. It could also indicate that exhaust gases are escaping through the cylinder head, suggesting that it needs to be replaced.


If anything goes wrong with the car, perhaps the first symptom is overheating. In this case, when a cylinder head cracks, the overheating can severe the damage and displaces all the coolant. This could be a fatal blow to your car’s engine. 

The initial crack in the cylinder head might be caused because of the frequent compression and expansion of the cylinder head. The changes are caused by excessive temperature. 

Engine Performance 

The cylinder head’s failure affect engine performance directly. The engine does not perform to its original capacities, in case the cylinder heads have cracked. The fuel economy reduces and the output is barely minimum. Restarting the car would become the norm. O top of that, the engine would not even run smoothly. 


The engine light might indicate oil leaking from your vehicle. You can see it yourself sometimes too. IF your car is leaving a trail of oil behind it, it is probably because of the cylinder head’s condition. It is supposed to keep the oil-sealed.

What Happens in a Cylinder Head Service?

During the service, the cylinder head is taken down from the engine. All valves are opened and care thoroughly cleaned from any pollutants present on them. It is normally carbon clogging the head as well as the valves. Procedures for removing and replacing cylinder heads differ depending on whether the engine is an overhead valve or an overhead camshaft. For each engine, the procedures for removing auxiliary equipment such as air cleaners, air intake systems, fuel systems, exhaust systems, and emission controls will differ.

Technically, the whole engine is dismantled in a careful manner. Not only the auxiliary components of the engine are removed and clean, but the mechanical parts of the engine are also taken care of. The intake manifold and the exhaust manifold are also assessed and cleaned thoroughly among the other external engine parts. 


An engine is a unit which works efficiently with the help of its subunits. The cylinder head, as well as the valves, are important subunits. If they are not looked after, and not cleaned from time to time, they will affect fuel economy and engine performance. 

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