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What are the 3 Cloud Computing Services Models?

Cloud computing consulting services are based on delivering hosted services through the internet. These cloud computing consulting services are categorized into three main types: infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service.

Moreover, there are two kinds of clouds: private and public. It’s possible to access public cloud computing consulting services from anywhere. Private clouds are networks that only allow a limited number of users to access their hosted services with specific access. Private or public cloud computing consulting services’ primary goal is to provide rapid, scalable access to computer resources. Utility computing and on-demand computing might be interchangeable in cloud computing consulting services.

Models for Cloud Service Provision


As with on-premises hardware, clients may use IaaS (in an on-demand cloud server, storage capacity, and networking service) to connect to and run cloud-hosted hardware. There was a distinct difference between cloud computing and conventional data centers when hardware and cloud infrastructure managed services. Customers of IaaS pay a monthly or per-use price for access to the hardware through the internet.

IaaS generally allows you to choose between shared physical infrastructure cloud platform solutions or bare metal servers housed on your hardware. It depends on your needs. All infrastructure resources can be provisioned, configured, and managed via a graphical dashboard or APIs.

Advantages of IaaS

Compared to more traditional cloud computing consulting services, clients can respond more quickly to traffic spikes or slowdowns with IaaS since they have greater control over resource development and scaling. Infrastructure as a service may be used as an alternative to building up and managing one’s own data center. There is no longer a trade-off between investing money in more capacity and risking poor performance or service outages if you don’t have enough ability to deal with unexpected traffic spikes or growth.


Privileged access to PaaS simplifies applications’ creation, deployment, and administration. The cloud computing consulting services provider hosts manages and maintains all the platform’s hardware and software, including servers, OS software, storage, frameworks, networking, databases, middleware, development tools, and runtimes.

With a web-based graphical user interface, developers and DevOps teams may join hands on all phases of the application lifecycle, from development to integration to testing to delivery to deployment and feedback (GUI).

Advantages of PaaS

Clients may construct, test, deploy, run, update, grow, and manage their cloud infrastructure managed services more quickly and cost-savingly utilizing PaaS than if they had to develop and maintain their on-premises platform.

When using a PaaS system, users have easy access to the latest resources throughout the stack of applications, making it possible to experiment with new technologies with little or no risk. Firms may test new operating systems and other technologies without investing much in them or supporting cloud platform solutions.


Software as a service is cloud-hosted ready-to-use application software. Consumers may utilize a portion of the software on their desktop or mobile device without leaving their online browser or app for a monthly or yearly price. Vendors of software as a service (SaaS) host and administer their customers’ applications and the cloud platform solutions infrastructure.

A service level agreement assures a specific service availability, performance, and security from the service provider.

Advantages of SaaS

When you use SaaS, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your cloud infrastructure managed services or applications. Logging in or signing up for a new account, paying, and then using your new account to use the app! They take care of the server’s hardware, software, upgrades, and patches as part of their overall service.

Partner with EES

This was a short and quick rundown of the three cloud computing consulting service types and their benefits. You can choose what suits your business and enjoy fantastic cloud computing. And, when it comes to cloud services that are budget-friendly, accessible, scalable, flexible, and well-organized, you can rely on EES! Nothing can beat us in our quality services delivered by cloud experts to help you meet your business needs. Check for more technology-oriented articles on our site.

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