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What are Some O-Lens Maintenance Tips?

Olens is one of the most well-known manufacturers of stunning and eye-catching contact lenses, adored by cast members, beauty enthusiasts, Vloggers, and several others worldwide. If you are choosing this brand to lighten your eyes, abide by these instructions to OLens Maintenance Tips on the quality of your lenses and avoid illness.

Cleaning Advice for Your Olens Contacts

Before touching your Olens contacts, be sure to wipe and cleanse your hands with a mild soap. Since the film might strain your eyes and distort your eyesight, you should avoid using fragrances, oils, or moisturizers on your fingers.

  • With a spotless, lint-free napkin, dry your hands.
  • Use any hair spray you have before inserting your contacts. You won’t hurt your contacts or damage your eye if you keep your fingertips neat and polished.
  • After applying your lenses, you may add on your eye makeup. But remember to remove them before washing off your cosmetics.
  • Use only the eye drops, enzymatic cleaners, and disinfectant solutions your doctor has prescribed. Not every eye product is secure for those who use contacts.
  • Avoid getting tap water on your contacts directly. It could encourage the growth of germs that harm your vision or spread infections.

How to Clean Your Lens Properly

To get rid of surface buildup, gently massage them with your forefinger in the middle of your other palm. Each moment you use the lens case, you should rinse it with either liquid matrix or tub faucet water. You may let it air dry and switch out the sleeve every three months.

Safely Use Your O-Lens

Only use your O-Lens as prescribed by your doctor and wear them daily. Please consult your physician for a worksheet to monito犀利士
r your schedule so it will be simpler for you to understand when to replace your lenses. If your doctor doesn’t give one, you can also create one for yourself.

  • Keep your O-Lens carefully used lenses to yourself. Infections or particles may spread as a result.
  • Always remove your contacts before going to bed unless you are employing extended-wear lenses. When the eyelid is closed, your tears don’t give your eyes as much oxygen.
  • Your mixture should not be contaminated if the head of your solution container comes in contact with your eyes, fingers, or contacts.
  • When outside, cover your eyes with spectacles with 100% UV light protection or a wide-brimmed hat since contact lenses can hurt your eye’s extra light-sensitive.
  • To keep the eyes moistened, use a rinsing solution as directed.
  • Take your lens in the event your eye becomes sore. Before you start wearing them, discuss the issue with your doctor. Your eye might become infected if you keep wearing them. When you begin wearing your lenses again, heed your doctor’s advice to avoid getting an infection.
  • Visit an eye doctor immediately if you have an abrupt loss of vision, bright flashes, eye discomfort, inflammation, swelling, severe redness, persistent blurred vision, or dryness.
  • Don’t go swimming wearing your O-Lens. Glasses are safer than nothing; however, if you toric lenses in a pool or, worse, a lake, you risk getting a serious infection.


Your Olens contacts would not only look fantastic, but they will also be quite pleasant to wear. You may experience some of the finest comforts with a completely safe lens. Check out Recode Studios for other beauty cosmetics brands like Keauty beauty, HNK, Love Earth, Colorbar, and more.

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