Vacheron Constantin replica Maestro – Reinterpretation of Classical Ballet

Replica watches: Vacheron Constantin’s Maestro series is always pleasing to the eye and has artistic charm. Most of them use ancient and exquisite craftsmanship, adhere to the inheritance and continuation of ancient craftsmanship, and combine tradition with modernity to bring people the enjoyment of art.

This series of watches commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Paris Opera School of Dance.There are three watches in a series, which once again show the essence of the art of high-temperature fire gray enamel painting. Edgar Degas’ famous paintings re-enact the art of classical ballet. Official model: 86090/000G-9870 (study time) 86090/000G-9880 (rehearsal time) 86090/000G-9881 (performance time).

Vacheron Constantin officially became a sponsor of the Opéra National de Paris in 2007, and has established a world-renowned stage with the Maestro collection for the tradition of fine watchmaking. This partnership links time, art and the artistic and cultural values that Vacheron Constantin has accumulated since 1755: supporting unlimited creativity, looking to the world, sharing passion, building knowledge bridges and adhering to the concept of excellence.

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The appearance of the watch is exquisite and elegant, full of classical temperament.

It has a perfect combination of 300 years of classical ballet art and the same ancient watchmaking craftsmanship, bringing us a kind of memory of a century of culture and art and enjoy. High Quality Replica Watches

The white gold case is like a beautiful frame, showing us a beautiful painting. In fact, the production process and difficulty of the high-temperature open fire gray enamel painted dial are not inferior to the creation process of a painting. The following will take you closer to this ancient high temperature open fire gray enamel painting process.

The talents of ballet dancers, enamel artisans

and master watchmakers are all subtly manifested in the high-temperature fire-grey enamel painting technique,

which so far only a few artisans have mastered. All processes are completed by the brand workshop,

and the stunning dial design is a model of timeless elegance.

The dial is inspired by three paintings by Degas,

selected by the technicians that best represent the lives of ballet dancers,

to re-create important moments in their study, practice and performance.

Using the high-temperature fire-grey enamel painting technique,

the perfect painting is concentrated on the dial. Vacheron Constantin replica‘s master enamels have preserved the style of Degas, reinterpreting the beautiful moments of the ballet dancers, presenting every graceful dance and movement from different angles.

The masters also used the light and dark contrast and shadow effects to truly present the landscape on the stage. High Quality Replica Watches, replica watches

The watchmaker makes the movements of the performers subtly displayed on the dial, the ruffles of the tutu,

the lace details on the dress, the smooth texture of the ribbon around the neck,

the petal ornaments on the hair, the transparent texture of tulle and cotton… The dancer glides. Passing through the wooden floor stage in the main hall of the theater,

leaving a beautiful shadow between the lights and shadows,

All perfectly reproduced on the dial details, it is amazing.

The watch uses the 2460 self-winding mechanical movement crafted by the Vacheron Constantin brand to play a neat beat for the dancers. The watchmakers have carefully crafted this movement to express

the highest spirit of the Geneva Haute Horlogerie tradition with flawless performance.

These three watches, 86090/000G-9870 (study time), 86090/000G-9880 (rehearsal time), and 86090/000G-9881 (performance time),

have brought us a new shock both in art and production technology. The exquisite craftsmanship of the dial is admirable,

and it also shows the brand’s high degree of patience and meticulousness in making watches. Only by adhering to the infinite love and dedication to watches can we make such perfect artistic watches. High Quality Replica Watches

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