Transforming Network Security with Zero Trust Networks (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Network Security (ZTNA) is a critical part of digital transformation. It sits at the intersection of a more well-organized system. This enables businesses to transform and grow, requiring more robust security to protect them. LTS secure is the top cyber security company. LTS Secure is a leading cyber security company. Stop data breaches with endpoint security with LTS Secure. Combine vulnerability scanning, patch management, and endpoint security in one cloud console.

Why ZTNA? Why now?

Users want a seamless experience with less friction, less sign-in, and more specific authentication requirements. The experience differs from most users’ expectations when hardening their organization’s security. One of the drivers for accelerating the adoption of ZTNA is its ability to increase organizational resilience in the face of an increasingly sophisticated and active threat landscape without making it difficult for users.

 The driver is the emergence of cloud computing, big data, and remote access as critical business requirements essential to staying competitive despite the disappearance of traditional network perimeters. A global hybrid workforce model requires 24/7 access to resources from any location or device. The new era of productivity and mobility has resulted in an unintended consequence of business transformation: an explosion of attack surfaces for multiple organizations. With more devices connected to company assets than ever, the environment has become so dynamic that it is nearly impossible to comprehensively catalog and control all exposure bahçeşehir escort points.

How Do VPNs Create Network Security Vulnerabilities?

As businesses transition to remote and hybrid workforces, virtual private networks are deployed during the pandemic to enable business continuity. Usage has exploded and continues to be a vital component of the more flexible workspaces many companies are embracing. Complete trust is required and has been proven problematic for the following reasons: Access other resources in your network.

Access control is based on static authentication methods with low barriers to keep outside attackers out.

Backhaul traffic degrades application connection quality user experience.

These shortcomings, combined with the knowledge that the misuse of credentials causes over 80% of hacking-related breaches, have led to a growing awareness that traditional VPN technologies can leave organizations vulnerable. It is backed by ZTNA, dramatically reducing the risk of VPN usage. This allows users and devices to be considered potentially hostile unless proven to be trustworthy.

This is one of the main reasons why some companies are considering phasing out the use of VPNs. But what does this transition mean for user experience, and how can businesses implement such an approach?

ZTNA Deployment

Every ZTNA journey requires a strategy deeply rooted in security, balancing employee flexibility and risk. Here are three steps to replacing VPNs with Zero Trust Network Access.

Consider outsourcing VPN use cases where a growing number of remote workers can cause network congestion. Embark on a transformational journey by piloting a ZTNA project with select applications to which a designated group of partners, contractors, or full-time remote workers need access. These groups help companies understand what it might look like to roll out their programs more broadly to support WFH and BYOD programs.

After completing the first step, start phasing out VPN access and replacing it with ZTNA for the highest-risk use cases or users who don’t need full network access. This also reduces the need to maintain VPN clients allows administrators to enable access on a broader scale to support employee flexibility.

Finally, choose a solution provider that offers a full range of best zero Trust security, including comprehensive endpoint security and network-based access control. This allows you to have a noticeable holistic impact on your results, integrating products from multiple vendors that can leave gaps in your organization’s security posture.

About Us

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LTS Secure is the best security orchestration and automation company, helping companies create integrated and orchestrated cyber environments. LTS Secure offers a broad range of products and features. Aimed at helping enterprises manage their security operations and report analytics and management functions. It supports its operational security infrastructure. An integrated SOAR stack can improve the efficiency of security operations through a coordinated set of procedures and processes.

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