Top Tips For Writing Amazon Product Descriptions That Sell

Amazon is the world’s largest online store, with over 500 million products in stock and 4000 things sold per minute. However, with only 30% of shoppers reaching page two of search results, getting your products to the top of the page is a tough task.

On Amazon, there are no shortcuts to getting to the top of the page. But, with a little knowledge of how Amazon’s algorithm works and some trial and error, you’ll be flying high in no time. Continue reading to learn how to write Amazon product descriptions that will help you boost your search rankings and conversion rates.

The Amazon Algorithm: Search Engine Optimization isn’t Just for Google

That’s true, SEO isn’t just for Google anymore. When it comes to positioning products on Amazon, SEO is an underappreciated tactic.

But first, let’s speak about the algorithm: how does Amazon rank search results for products?

The A10 algorithm is used by Amazon. A10 is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that customers can find the things they want as quickly as possible.

What’s the best way to overcome Amazon’s algorithm? Here are a few important considerations to remember, according to Repricer:

Create eye-catching product photos that adhere to Amazon’s image guidelines. You’ll want your clients to pause and gaze because clickthrough rate is one of the most important criteria determining A10 ranking.

Maintain a constant supply of your merchandise. How you rank organically on Amazon search results pages is heavily influenced by the success of your sales history.

Share direct links to your products to increase traffic to your listings. To generate a diverse source of external traffic, consider implementing influencer or blogger marketing.

Make sure you have good pricing policies in place so you can offer the most competitive and appealing prices. Find a happy medium between avoiding a race to the bottom and taking advantage of any too-good-to-be-true offers.

It’s all about your seller authority. Provide excellent customer service by responding to all feedback (even negative feedback) and providing expedited delivery. Overall, the more sales you make, the higher your ranking will be.

Be aware of your target market.

You must adapt your content for individual customers in order to achieve your content marketing objectives. When it comes to creating Amazon product descriptions, nothing has changed.

The most effective product descriptions are those that are created with firsthand knowledge of your target market. To better understand what your customers are looking for, create buyer personas.

The reasons your ideal client will choose your brand over another are revealed by defining your ideal customer — get it right, and you’ll rank high in their product searches.

Locate your keywords.

You’ve identified your target market, but how do they find you?

Knowing which keywords to target on Amazon, just like on Google, will make it easier for shoppers to find your products when they search. The keywords you use should represent your customers’ interests, as well as ensuring that Amazon recognises your goods and ranks you appropriately.

Fortunately for us, Amazon provides us with access to a goldmine of user data. Its best-seller and most-gifted lists in each category show us what your potential clients are looking for and buying. Examine the product descriptions of these high-ranking items to figure out what customers are looking for and what keywords you should use.

You may also utilise internet tools like Ahref’s Keyword Generator to come up with keyword suggestions and determine monthly search volumes and complexity.

Remember to prioritise long-tail keywords, which are three words or longer, in order to optimise for search intent. To stay on top, remember to update your lists on a frequent basis.

Make sure you’re familiar with Amazon’s policies.

When it comes to creating Amazon product descriptions, Amazon, like most e-commerce platforms, has its own set of guidelines. Here are a few crucial items to consider:

  • Use promotional language and buzzwords sparingly.
  • Don’t include testimonials in your product descriptions; instead, let Amazon reviews shine.
  • Don’t promote your website or business — Amazon has a strict no-tolerance policy for anyone attempting to shift their sales to another platform.

In fact, Amazon doesn’t appreciate it when you promote something other than the goods.

You’ll certainly notice a few product listings on Amazon that break the regulations, but our recommendation is to be cautious.

Now it’s time to put pen to paper:

Maintain a straightforward approach.

Avoid using hefty, overly wordy descriptions because you just have a few seconds to capture your customer’s attention. Use energetic sentences and vary your sentence pattern, favouring basic sentences. Keeping your product descriptions succinct and to the point can help them deliver a punch.

Avoid overselling or describing your offering with flowery, meaningless terms. We frequently encounter things on Amazon that claim to be “the world’s best, high-quality, durable product.” Instead of sounding the same as every other item on the market, use your description to set your goods out from the competition. That is why the next step is important to remember.

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