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The values of education at elc International School

elc International School

was established more than 30 years ago with a dream to bring affordable international education to Malaysia. What started as a humble enterprise with only 5 students and 6 teachers including the principal herself, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, elc boasts of thousands of alumni who are well-established across the globe and continue to make a difference to the world to make it a better place to live in.

A fact that makes elc founders, teachers, and the administration proud is that the school is often approached by alumni to admit their own children into the school. This speaks volumes about the quality of education and the strength of values and discipline imparted in students even after they graduate.

Over the years, elc has stayed true to its traditional values and effectively used it to shape young minds and turn them into responsible citizens of the world.


And for more than three decades, the school has staunchly adhered to these core values:

  • “Excellence in everything we do.”
  • “Loyalty to each other and the school.”
  • “Commitment to continuous improvement.

By effectively combining these values with the motto “Learn to Aspire”, the school has successfully inspired its students to reach their potential and achieve their wildest dreams. Students are taught both Asian and British values, enabling them to adapt easily to a global environment while staying connected to their roots.

Focus on the overall development

elc International School takes pride in its traditional environment which strongly concentrates on the holistic development of each child. From a very early age, a sense of responsibility is imparted in every child so that they can take care of themselves and those around them. Along with values such as integrity and self-discipline, students also learn how to make the right use of opportunities and deal with challenges in life.

An active mind is a healthy mind. Hence, each student of elc participates in various kinds of extra-curricular activities. Not only do they enjoy the effort in pursuing their passion, but they excel in it all the same. Participating in extra-curricular activities hones their communication skills, makes them competitive, and teaches them how to handle disappointment well. From soft skill activities such as debating and public speaking to sports, computing and programming, the school offers a range of activities which students can engage in. Besides its teachers, the school has also enlisted help from specialists and consultants to provide training to students.

An environment where learning is enjoyable

Instead of focusing on expensive facilities, the school consciously concentrates on creating a friendly environment to nurture the young minds.

A dynamic curriculum

elc International School follows the English National Curriculum and combines the best teaching practices of England and Malaysia, focusing on making the lessons enjoyable rather than tedious work.

Pursuing Academic Excellence

While academic excellence is in no way a complete indicator of a child’s development into a responsible human being

it does play a significant role in shaping the career prospects of a child. The school strongly concentrates on academic performance and has a dedicated team with a Director looking after the same. The school provides the necessary support to empower students to perform their best in the IGCSE examinations.

Active Parental Involvement

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and elc strongly acknowledges the same. Therefore, the school encourages strong parental involvement in order for both sides to work together towards the benefit of the child.

PULSE Programme

Growing up in today’s world is more difficult than it was a few years ago. There are more complications than ever, more competition to deal with and more distractions on the rise. Because of this, mental health issues in children are on the rise across the globe. To help students cope with these challenges, elc has conceptualised the PULSE programme, which focuses on empowering students to cope with different aspects of life.

It encompasses the following areas:

  • Pastoral Care
  • University-Preparedness
  • Leadership
  • Social Skills
  • Employability

The school provides counselling services whenever required,

engages students in service projects and focuses on extra-curricular activities to hone their skills.

From academic abilities to life skills, the entire team of elc International School concentrates on bringing out the

best in every child. By following a multi-pronged approach backed by its traditional

ethos, elc continues to work in tandem with parents to provide a healthy upbringing to each child.

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