Smell Something Unusual in Your Car? Here’s How to Identify What’s the Issue

Have a Rotten Smell in Your Car? Here's the Solution

Smell Something Unusual In Your CarSo, you get into your car for a drive. Bam! You’re met with a foul stench. What could it be? Have you spilt some coffee in your car? Or was it last night’s soup? Your nose can instinctively identify the smell.

However, you may come across some unusual smells in your car. If there is nothing spilt inside, such smells indicate a potential problem with your vehicle. These smells need to be taken care of as a priority to avoid any expensive repair and unfortunate consequences.

We have compiled a comprehensive guide of unusual car smells. Let’s go through to comprehend these smells. It can certainly help you make proactive decisions to avoid undesirable car repairs down the line.

Does it smell like burning oil?

burning oil

An oil leakage on the hot surface is the leading cause behind such a smell. The engine oil may have leakage due to many reasons. The cap might not be tightened enough, or the filters are displaced.

It could be a damaged gasket or seal. However, oil leakage may produce serious consequences. It could accidentally trigger a fire if it drops on the exhaust, or cause the engine to deteriorate due to low oil levels.

However, oil brings the necessary lubrication. But, it is flammable and may damage certain parts where it falls and burns. Therefore, get this issue checked with a professional at Service My Car to avoid extra expenses. We help you with your car oil change if it is required.

Does it smell like burnt rubber?

burnt rubber

If so, you have a slipped engine belt. A hose either from the cooling or power steering system produces such a smell if it experiences friction from rotating parts such as a pulley. Sometimes, an overheated clutch produces this kind of smell too.

However, you can arrange a quick inspection at Service My Car to identify the root cause of the smell for a quick resolution.

Does it smell like rotten eggs?

rotten eggs

Your car has a catalytic converter, a tool to convert harmful emissions into safe gases before coming in contact with the environment. However, a flawed fuel injection system may produce unburned fuel that may damage the catalytic converter.

You can take early steps unless your exhaust is damaged. Get a quick fix for your car engine repair at Service My Car and prevent your car from having a faulty exhaust system.

Besides, a dying battery also generates a similar smell due to leakage. We provide the car battery replacement on-demand to solve such issues with professional expertise.

Does it smell like a burnt carpet?

burnt carpet

The smell might be a sign of an issue with your brakes. However, such a smell is typical if you have a persistent press on the brakes during a ride. The brakes have a lot to do, especially when you drive through the sharp downside or inching traffic.

Besides, they can produce a burning carpet smell if they have sticking pads. Your brakes would be spongy a bit at the same time.

If you have a persistent smell under normal circumstances, as your car is not creeping through traffic or sloping down on the road. Never hesitate to bring your vehicle to a safety check at the earliest.

Fit brakes can save you more by focusing on premature brake wear to avoid extreme cases, such as brake failure. At Service My Car, we are committed to keeping your car to stay on top of its game. We enable you for a car transmission repair if our experts find any issue.

Does it smell like mildew?


Your car’s air conditioner performs the duty to keep your car’s interior cool and extract the moisture. This moisture may stay in the evaporator, a part of the cold air conditioner.

However, the moisture goes into a box next to your dashboard for further drainage. In case the drainage is blocked either by a leaf or dust, the water that stays inside the car produces a sign of mildew smell from the dashboard’s vents.

The water can also overflow to your car’s interior, such as the carpet. You can avail yourself of best-in-class car ac repairat Service My Carto get rid of the mildew smell and preserve your car’s air conditioner for the long run.

Does it smell like burning plastic?

burning plastic

Your car consists of wires almost everywhere. A short circuit of wires or exhausted insulation can smell like burning plastic.

It would be risky to neglect such smells as short circuits may cost you more. They arise as the primary cause of the fire. If there is a smell in your car, Service My Car should be your next stop for an inspection without wasting any time.

Does it smell like sweet syrup?

smell sweet syrup

Leakage of the coolant brings a sweet smell inside a car. However, it seems good unless it damages something.

This leakage needs to not be taken lightly as it can damage your engine. You should just turn off your car and tow it to Service My Car to escape the costly repairs.

Could it be gas leakage?

car gas leakage

Have you figured out a strong smell of gas or exhaust fumes inside your car? It raises the risk of carbon monoxide [1], a poisonous gas, to discharge inside your vehicle.

It might be the result of a damaged exhaust system that is making unnecessary emissions at the wrong place. You need to bring your car to a proficient mechanic, and Service My Car should be your first choice.

Smell works like a strong indicator, whether it is gas, burning carpet, etc. The proactive steps could save you from burning a hole in your pocket.

At Service My Car, we bring your end to end service for a variety of issues with your car. You can easily call us, or book a Mercedes Service Manchester online by downloading the Service My Car app now.

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