Primitive Myths and Truths on Astrology

Introduction: Advent of Astrology


Astrology is the ancient divination through which we can predict the future events using the movements of stars and planets. It originated in the Mesopotamian Civilization in the 3rd millennium B.C and spread all across India. It developed its Western form in the Greek Civilization. Alan Leo is referred to as the father of astrology. Astrology entered Islamic culture as a part of Greek civilization. Astrology also played a significant role in the lives of the people of China and Europe. It was believed that heaven is divided according to the 12 constellations of the zodiac, which have an influence on human affairs. 

Astrology still continues to change people’s lives and influence the past, present, and future. It also comes with many exciting ways of prediction like Tarot reading, face heading and horoscopes. It has proved to be consistent with scientific theories and is therefore believed to be accurate and right. 


Popular Myths and Reasons to Stop Believing


Many popular myths has retarded the growth of astrology as people confuse astrology with many other things which, in real, has zero relations with the subject. Let us explore the myths and actual facts to get a clear idea on what astrology truly aims at.


  1. The Sun sign defines your complete personality: Absolutely not. The Sun sign dictates your zodiac while your Moon sign reflects your emotions and psychology and the two collectively form your personality. 
  2. Does astrology ONLY predict life events? : It is true that astrology gives an accurate insight on the present, past and future events, but that is not the only job of astrology. Astrology is a much bigger field, it determines how planetary motions and retrogrades affect a person. Astrology also affects people’s psychology and makes them feel better about themselves because a good astrologer will always highlight the good points and not try to extort money. Moreover, parts of astrology like Tarot reading gives people effective suggestions because the idea is: You are the controller of your life and if you take the right decisions, you can manage your life and guide that well. 
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  4. You don’t need to work hard if your horoscope is good: This is the worst myth most people believe in. Astrology always teaches the importance of hardwork and perseverance, and it has been proved how determination has improved the career of a person. The planetary motions do predict events, but they do not delineate the future, which can be changed through constant efforts.
  5. One can overrule Karma by choosing the birth date of a child: Karma can not be overruled, it can be changed to some extent. This is a popular belief among many communities that if a baby is born on an auspicious day, the luck changes. This is not completely right. Yes, good planetary situations can remove bad Karma, but it can not be erased completely. Do not overdo astrology, the health of the mother and the newborn should be of utmost priority.
  6. Retrograde planets always give bad results: NO. Most of the time, a retrograde Venus or a Saturn(mostly) is believed to harm the person. But it is proven that a retrograde planet can bring prosperity to one’s life. It completely depends on the zodiac of the person what effects he might face. 
  7. Astrology denies free will: You still have free will. Astrology opens your eyes and gives you a clarity on what is happening around you. The situation is STILL in your hands. Free will is quite important in astrology




To know more about astrology and dive deeper, click here. 

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