Discover the different types of services performed by our professional cleaning company.

We adapt to the needs of our customers. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your premises, offices, businesses, industries, restaurants, or common areas help to clean up your workplace and provide you with comfort, health, and quality of life. While respecting the regulations associated with your premises and the safety rules, our cleaning company meets your hygiene and maintenance requirements.

Our teams carry out regular maintenance interventions (at least twice a week and a maximum of 3 times daily from Monday to Sunday). Our flexible schedules, adapted to the industrial and professional environment, allow you to match your working hours to schedules. Without the risk of disruption, our qualified and responsible staff adapts to your conditions.

Our services for regular cleaning of your premises

In this area, we operate on your premises to:

  • cleaning and regular maintenance of your premises,
  • cleaning floors, walls and ceilings,
  • window cleaning,
  • dust removal,
  • carpet shampooing by injection extraction or dry foam,
  • high-pressure cleaning,
  • floor stripping,
  • cleaning using ride-on scrubbers.

Are you interested in this type of regular intervention for cleaning your premises?


“Discover in detail our one-off “hygiene and cleanliness” interventions that we offer to businesses, businesses, industries, offices, restaurants, common areas, etc., located in Paris and Ile-de-France.”

Do you need our services occasionally to give your business a good “spring cleaning”? Our commercial cleaner company handles your request with adapted services that meet cleanliness requirements.

Strict regulations regarding hygiene do not govern your premises, but you do not want to neglect the cleanliness, aesthetics, and good living of your workplace… We are here to bring you this satisfaction. Our team is available to you at times that suit you to respect your working peace of mind and ensure rapid and efficient cleaning, thanks to its suitable equipment.

Our services for occasional cleaning of your premises

We offer the following cleaning services upon quote:

  • Carpet shampoo,
  • Stripping of thermoplastic floors + application of 3 layers of acrylic emulsion (wax),
  • Cleaning of parking lots (interior & exterior),
  • Cleaning of warehouses using ride-on scrubber dryers,
  • Spray method for floors,
  • Renovation of premises,
  • Crystallization of marble.

Are you seeking a cleaning service provider for a one-off intervention on your premises?


“Need small maintenance work for your offices, businesses, industries, restaurants, or common areas? Our professional office cleaning in Seattle is here for you! »

Real maintenance professionals, trained and supervised, come to your premises for small, exceptional maintenance tasks.

An emergency, an immediate need for small plumbing or electrical work: We, an industrial cleaning and maintenance expert, take care of your requests and needs thanks to our staff. Our agents are qualified and experienced in specific techniques and adapt their equipment to each service. We will choose the hours that suit you to respect your working conditions.

Our services for upkeep and maintenance work

On quote, we intervene for:

  • your bulb changes,
  • Unblocking your sinks,
  • your small electrical or plumbing work,
  • DIY, locksmithing, repair.

Do you need small jobs to be carried out quickly on your premises?


We work with your offices, businesses, industries, and businesses in Paris and the Île-de-France region for everything related to rope work necessary to clean high and difficult-to-access areas.

We ensure safe interventions, guaranteeing cleaning following your request. We adapt our time slots to respect your working peace of mind and not disrupt your productivity.

Specialist in industrial cleaning works in places you think are inaccessible, employing ropes or baskets. Our team of rope access technicians masters the most difficult techniques to bring you absolute satisfaction.

Our rope and height work services

We intervene in everything concerning:

  • Cleaning your windows,
  • Cleaning your roofs and walls,
  • a dusting of infrastructures,
  • any maintenance with difficult access,
  • any specific cleaning work requiring intervention at height.

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