My Dali Watch Is So Much More Than A Wannabe Crash

My Dali Watch Is So Much More Than A Wannabe Crash

Iam a collector of nice things. I work in real estate for a living but I love fashion, art, jewelry, and watches. A lot of people in my life actually don’t know I work in real estate because I’m always replica watches uk doing other things; I’m a lifelong New Yorker so you know I’m a hustler.

I’ve always loved getting dressed and putting together an outfit, a lot of that comes from my mother. She would always say that men should wear a watch and that stuck with me. So even if I don’t have my jewelry on for some reason, I always have a watch. My mom influenced so much of my sense of style. She was well-known in our neighborhood in Brooklyn for dressing well, but for special occasions.

And she was a single mom and I was her only kid so I would go shopping with her a lot and she would ask my opinion, so I developed my tastes relatively early. I remember knowing what I wanted to wear at an early age and my mom would let me do it. Shopping was an event for us, we had a routine where she would go to downtown Brooklyn, pay the light bill, and then we’d go shopping. She even took me out of school once or twice so we could spend time together. This was in the days when I really wanted a head-to-toe Calvin fit or Jordache jeans.

My mother gave me my first watch, a Casio FW-91, in ’95 when I went to school for the first time. I loved it but it didn’t last long since I was a curious kid with a toolbox. But the watch that sticks out the most in my memory actually belonged to my aunt. I remember sitting on her lap when I was around five years old and she had this funky Pulsar watch on. That’s where my love affair with oddly shaped watches began.

I don’t really resell my watches, I buy a watch that makes me happy, if it’s funky it makes me happy. But I now have about 26 or 27 watches in my collection now, including a few round watches – I feel like I always have to say that since I’m known for my square or odd-shaped watches – four vintage round dive watches.

I love small watches, which since I buy mostly vintage watches puts me in the “women’s” category. I’m a confident and comfortable person, I ventured into smaller cases and women’s watches, so it doesn’t bother me. The world of watches shouldn’t be round, there are just so many other shapes. You go to school and you learn about so many other shapes, you don’t just learn about circles in school and be out. So I feel for women’s watches, they don’t follow that set rule, they have trapezoids, squares, and rectangles, obviously.replica watches uk

If I buy something vintage because of the small case, I’m most likely not gonna be upset if it’s too small,

there’s no such thing. Some people are intrigued by moonphases and perpetual calendars; I’m always impressed by very small movements and the craft that has to go into creating them.

I love Cartier watches. So I’m always looking for Cartier watches, and a few years ago I kept getting redirected to the Exaequo Softwatch, aka the Dalí Watch,

as maybe something I might like. Which turned out to be true, but at the time I kept ignoring it because I was focused on getting more Tanks in my life. But rolex replica one day I clicked on it and I thought, oh okay, these are very interesting. I got the navy dial one, and then a few months later I got the white dial. I got it at a good price, which is wild because now they’ve increased which is surprising to me. It’s a nice-looking watch but it’s not like “wow” when it comes to complications or anything. It has a Ronda movement which is very basic, durable but basic. So I guess I’m surprised that it’s taken off in the short time I’ve had both of mine.

I like to wear it to events and parties because I know someone is going to talk to me about it, whether they’re a watch person or not. Some people think it’s a Crash which, I wish I had it like that, but I’ve done research on the watch that I feel like I can talk about it for what it is on its own.So you never know what you’re going to get.

One day I might wear a big parka and balaclava or I’ll be leaning into my Caribbean roots with my bracelets and rings. I even have a bracelet that is thicker than most of the watches I own. But most of all, when I wear my watches, and this watch, hair cut, nails clean, I feel like I’m continuing my mother’s tradition of outfits, of looking good. My aunt thinks I buy too much stuff but I know my mom would be cool with it because she was an enabler. replica watches uk

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