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Make a Handyman App like TaskRabbit – See How You Can Do This Easily

When you find yourself getting stuck with tasks like repairing your faucet or getting your fan back to running, what is the first task you perform? You connect to a plumber or an electrician, right? But have you ever placed thought on how difficult this task might be? Especially, finding someone perfect? Thus, it becomes significant to have an app for this purpose.

With apps built for purposes like getting quick rides, to ordering meals; it is not unusual to have an app that allows you to get seamlessly connected with a handyman nearby your vicinity too. Yes, you heard that right. Thanks to Uber for a handyman, customers can get connected to a handyman near them. Thereafter, they can be assured of getting quick assistance for the services they are in requirement of, so to speak.

Thus, all in all, it is a very useful solution indeed. Not only for the customer but the business too. Have a look below at this image to understand the progress this solution has made so far.

Have a look at some other figures that depict the overall popularity of these solutions.
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The image above depicts the overall rise that the home service industry. And will observe as a result of adopting and incorporating on demand handyman app development services.

Factors Responsible for Popularity of Uber for Handyman

Propels Customer Reach for Businesses

With a handyman app like Uber or a handyman app like TaskRabbit, businesses can reach out to a greater percentage of customers. This means businesses can seamlessly educate customers about the home services they provide through the app itself, thereby being able to build strong visibility online.

Simplifies the Marketing Strategies

Gone are the days when word of mouth ruled. Developing apps like Uber for a handyman, it became easier for businesses to perform different marketing activities like a promotion for instance. Therefore, in short, more customers have become easier to gain as a result of these apps, so to speak.

Eases Understanding of Progress

As a result of features like visual integrated analytics, in particular, it becomes easier for the home service industry to gain awareness of the progress they are making, followed by gaining knowledge on the user behavior while interacting with the app and so on.

Enhances Customer’s Understanding of ETA of Handyman

The app has features like ETA for instance that allows customers to gain knowledge on the time by which they can expect the handyman. This in fact adds to the clarity of the user in terms of understanding the time by which they can expect the necessary support.

Digitizes Work Procedure

Handyman apps like Uber, and TaskRabbit make it easy for the handyman to digitize the way they work. This includes making their services known to a larger audience. This also includes seamless communication with the customer.

All these factors go on to help in acting as a boon for the handyman. This is in terms of giving them the freedom to list their services and make those services gain more visibility. Thereafter, allow them to communicate seamlessly with the customers. This also includes delivering those services and earning along the way. Finally, it also includes receiving a tip.

Finally, since the app allows businesses to reduce paperwork and ensures seamless workflow, therefore, the app will be a blessing no doubt. In other words, inculcating the on demand handyman app development services will prove to be fruitful for the home-service industry.

This will in fact give businesses the opportunity to grow their customer base to a great extent, and subsequently earn a good percentage of revenues along the way.

Thus, if you are setting out on building a Uber for a handyman, remember these tips below and follow these steps so that you can maximize your ROI to a greater extent.

So let’s begin

How to Build an Intuitive Uber for Handyman – Steps to Follow

Understand Customer Needs Well


Before anything else, research. Without understanding the missing elements of your customer, you would fail to serve them better. Therefore, try to gain an understanding of this area. In terms of your handyman app, understand the areas that current apps serve and the areas it misses. Then have those missing elements added. This will go on to help you maximize on your ROI in the shortest possible time.

Create a Well-Defined Strategy

The next step is gaining insight into the strategy that you will adapt to meet those customer requirements. This means you understand the techniques your solution will adapt to meet the different customer needs, identifying the store that would help you gain the maximum percentage of customers, followed by necessary features that would make the app a hit, and so on.

All these areas on getting successfully covered will help you to create a basic outline of the app and understand how it would look.

Understand the Wireframe

This is another crucial step that you would have to include before going ahead with on demand handyman app development services. This means you would need to understand the functionalities, tools and so on which would help your app to gain a wider target audience of customers.

Once you identify the wire frame, examine the features that would help drive value for your app. This includes nearby search, multiple payment options, live tracking, rating, tipping, and so on.

Focus on Design and Development

Once you identify the features that would help drive value for your app, work on the design and development of both. This will help attract maximum customers and gain a good user percentage too side by side.

Therefore, try to incorporate design elements that successfully help you to garner a wider audience and so on.
On successful completion of all these steps, you would be able to create an app that helps you to build a powerful home service empire with a supreme percentage of users that allows you in the long run to earn a good amount of profits.

Concluding Words

An app like Uber for handymen will help your home industry seamlessly build your visibility online, grow a wide customer base, and help the handymen to earn a good amount of income through the services they provide. This includes being able to make it easy for your venture to earn their attention, and make their lives easy and smooth simultaneously.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a similar app, get in touch with a dedicated team of developers from an on demand handyman app development company. Through their expertise in building a solution that is customizable, is easy to modify, and is responsive as well.

And you will gain access to an app that is easy to update as per your changing business needs. And that can run seamlessly across different platforms like the iOS, the android, and the web, all at the same time. All this in turn will make your business a big name in the market especially when the customers may be in need of support for their different home purposes like finding an electrician, a plumber, and so on.



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