Level Up Your Branding Game With 3D Interactive Animations Videos

There are numerous ways to create branding videos that keep your businesses and brands in the limelight. For this, there are so many things to do, and entrepreneurs need to be equipped with powerful marketing strategies. From an impactful branding story to a clever script and using advanced technologies, marketers have to make a lot of effort. Interactive 3D animations videos are one of the state of the art video production technologies creating a buzz in the video production industry. These video-making tactics are the way to go for enterprises that want to give viewers an immersive experience.

3D interactive videos are gaining traction in the market at an increasing rate because of their realistic features. The visual content type is pretty simple, where 3D effects are incorporated to let the viewers or players interact. Users can interact with visual objects in a three-dimensional space, where they can touch, click, or swipe objects or characters in a 360-degree view. However, the interactive video content demands efficient tools, livelier effects, and video animation expertise, so the final visual can offer incredible details.

3D Interactive Animations Videos In The Light Of Technology

Of course, 3D animations have been around us for many years. But with the advancement in technology, they have become something beyond imagination. No one has ever thought there would be a time when we would access the real world in a virtual space. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality have made it possible. This is how we got an advanced version of 3D animations as interactive.

Earlier, 3D animation was a concept where objects, characters, or things were designed in XYZ-plane to give a real feel. Video makers were used to creating objects in a space that seemed like a surface, but now things are advanced and have gotten a better shape. The main reason is the involvement of technology that has made many processes advanced and efficient. Be it a simple business or marketing process, technologies like AI, ML, AR, VR, and blockchain have become an integral part.

3D Interactive Animations: A Branding Tool

When it comes to the creation of promotional content, videos are the most suitable solutions to a business’s branding needs. Marketers believe videos are powerful branding tools that generate organic traffic. That’s true because humans attract to moving things.

Ever noticed that when scrolling our social media pages, we suddenly stop on some post to look at what’s in it. What made you stick to it? The attraction it has given by its aesthetics. The same thing implies in 3D animated videos; the movement of objects, the transition of scenes, and livelier effects give a strong impression at first sight. So it is great that every corporate business must put their hands on and reap many benefits.

Types Of 3D Interactive Animations

What comes to your mind when you hear 3D animation?

The first thought that comes to mind is very common: movies, games, virtual reality, or a 3D space. Though all these are incorporated in 3D animation, each of these is the same, and so are the animations. Animations are incorporated into any context according to their degree of complexity, interactivity, and immersion. These 3 things are crucial to put life into any content, making it next-level engaging. As enterprises are not coming slowly, adopting the latest technologies and following market trends, the incorporation of animated videos in marketing is increasing rapidly. Industries like education, healthcare, businesses, fashion, film production, gaming, etc., use different 3D animations to create brand awareness. While, on the other hand, giving people a great digital experience.

Let’s see what the different types of interactive 3D animation videos are and how they attract more audiences.

  • Digital 3D

As the name implies, digital 3D animations are there to give viewers an exclusive visual experience. What they do is, enable video producers to create digital characters for live-action or in-game videos. Digital 3D is commonly known as computer-generated imagery, where animations and effects are created using advanced software like Maya, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, etc. However, the creation of digital 3D animation is not an easy job; it requires a high volume of work and expertise. Animators create 3D models, their structures, set movements, and assign commands.

  • Virtual Reality 3D

Virtual reality has shown dramatic progress in all aspects. Be it a mobile app, website, branding video, game, or enterprise software; virtual reality has created a buzz in today’s noisy market. In business, virtual reality 3D has given a remarkable contribution with its immersive features. However, the content incorporated with virtual reality is accessible through smart glasses like Google Glass or Oculus. What VR animations do is they create a real environment in virtual, where things can be seen moving. In contrast, the viewers will feel themselves inside of the scenario.

  • Stop Motion

We all know well about stop motion; these animations are made by capturing images frame by frame. In this interactive animation type, a single object is set to move, and each move is captured to give a sense of movement in real-time. The frames are manipulated into small steps and displayed with high creativity. Artists have a large space where they think out of the box with patience and mold their thoughts into an engaging context.

  • Cel Shading 

Cel shading is also known as Toon shading, a non-photorealistic rendering animation designed to look hand-drawn. The computer graphics mimic the comic book or cartoon style to add more to its appearance. Usually, cel-shading animations are incorporated in animated cartoons, movies, and series where the characters perform actions. The animation starts with the typical 3D modeling; conventional lighting is added to discrete shades, making characters look flat.

Moreover, the shadows and highlights on the characters and other elements appear like blocks of colors. Thus, using this animation style in branding videos will be a great way to give the user both 2D and 3D experiences.


The animation world is diverse, with a broad range of animated effect possibilities. Interactive 3D animations videos have brought a whole set of new challenges to video production but have taken animated video marketing to the next level. The integration of virtual reality has made 3D animations work surprisingly while introducing more productive ideas for creating branding videos. It sounds that 3D animations are not going anywhere. Instead, they are here to stay for a long time to penetrate the most diverse areas of our lives and expand business reach with high-quality, engaging video content.

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