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Key Features for Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi booking app development in India

To ensure a safe and effective online taxi booking app development module for business that is mobile-specific, we require mobile applications for both the driver and rider. This will allow us to differentiate the services as well as managing specific features that each one requires. Therefore, the process needs the use of a consumer app and an app for partners as well as an administrator panel to oversee all operations.

Let’s take a quick look at the key functions below:

1.) The Consumer Application:

  • Registration A simple to register application that requires a shorter time to sign up, is the preferred choice of today’s busy customers. Registration via telephone numbers, existing email accounts, or on social media channels is an advertisement to connect more users to the application.
  • Reservations for Trips The booking must be available instantaneously, meaning that whenever the consumer needs a car it is only necessary to access the app for taxis and reserve the car. There’s no waiting or queueing. You may also have the option to book in advance the service, in order to avoid any delay.
  • Payment The entire process is managed through the taxi booking app and thus the payment. Customers can make use of different payment methods and can also save information for fast payment. There may be a wallet that allows users to store the cash for auto-payment.
  • Journey History Users are able to effortlessly look up their various ride details (fare journey, fare, etc.) from their account.) on their account.
  • Feedback for each trip users are able to share their experiences and give a rating to the driver and his abilities. This can help maintain the high quality and stand as a reliable service company.

The advanced consumer application includes:

  • GPS with improved accuracy: The feature will let it automatically determine the position of the user to locate the pick-up point in the taxi booking app, without having to manually enter the address.
  • Rides with a joint driver: It is a new feature that can accommodate up to three passengers at once in a similar way. The fare will be lower for each passenger.
  • Selecting a Vehicle: Just for the convenience of customers, they can go for various vehicle types and pick the most suitable according to their preferences when they make their reservation.

2.) Driver Application:

  • Registration Completely verified and trusted driver registration is required to become a partner of the company. Documents like driver’s licenses or insurance, as well as other identity documents are kept by the business.
  • Account for payment The earnings are deposited instantly or every week to the account of the driver’s payment. The driver can change their details of their account by sending an inquiry via the application.
  • History of payments and trips: Partners can track the journeys and payments via their taxi mobile apps and definitely calculate weekly, daily or monthly profits. Additionally, they are able to examine the details of their journey, such as the delivery and pick-up address as well as the total journey miles.
  • Feedback Like customers, drivers may also assign marks to the behavior of a consumer throughout the journey. This allows drivers to recognize the most reliable users.

Advanced Apps for Consumers:

  • Navigation Drivers are able to use GPS to guide users to their desired destination. The GPS assists in locating the best route and gives information on the traffic density.
  • order alert The application knows all about the journey, drivers can even accept orders even while they’re on the current trip. Therefore, it schedules the trip in advance and selects the next user according to.
  • multiple vehicles A driver can sign up to several vehicles and switch between using the application. This provides the partner with endless work experiences. If you have a car that is in your garage it is possible to earn by using the second.

Steps to develop a Taxi Service that is Specific Mobile Application:

-Pre-development (Research Phase)

Development (Deployment as well as Testing)

Support and updates on a regular basis


In general, it takes 4 to 6 months to develop an effective mobile taxi booking app.

Final Words

Soft Suave Technologies is closely working with mobile and web application developing services. We have helped hundreds of clients around the world, with their various demands for development of apps on-demand. Our team has worked alongside industry experts, companies, NGOs, and organizations as well as startups.

It could be a hybrid application development or cross-platform app development Our app developers will definitely meet your requirements.


Roydano is the head of the business development team at Soft Suave, a leading mobile app development company that makes app ideas into reality by providing unique mobile app development across iOS, Android & Cross platforms.

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