How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

When writing a dissertation conclusion, you should emphasize your contribution to knowledge and publications and summarize your findings and recommendations. The conclusion should be comprehensive and comprise multiple sections to provide more details. To ensure that the reader will get a complete view of the entire study, you should also provide references and citations for each source used in the dissertation. Follow these guidelines for writing an effective conclusion:

It Is More Concise


There are several important things to consider when writing a dissertation conclusion. First, the conclusion length should not exceed 8% of your overall word count. Also, it would help if you wrote it in clear, concise language so your readers can understand it. If you are unsure how to write your conclusion, consider hiring a Grad Coach to help you. The process of writing a dissertation conclusion should be as smooth as possible.

It is possible to include minor details and observations, but it is better to stick to the main points and avoid too much detail. It is better to have one or two sentences on each point rather than dozens of paragraphs. Also, remember that a dissertation conclusion is meant to summarize your paper’s major points. The methodology can be time-consuming to write, so ensure you give enough illumination to your methods.

Limitations should also be included in your dissertation. Adding one limitation is okay, but it is better to add multiple limitations. You are demonstrating critical thinking skills when you acknowledge and address these limitations. A typical limitation might be time, budget, language, or cultural reasons. Your limitations should be no more than 1% of your total word count. However, if they are very substantial, they should also be highlighted.

If you are unsure how to write a dissertation conclusion, you may find the best  Dissertation Writing Services in the UK. This way, you can see how other dissertations ended, how to write a conclusion, and make sure you’re not plagiarizing anything from them. Plagiarism is academic misconduct that will delay your progress. In addition to wasting time, you may end up with a mediocre dissertation.

What does it mean to summarize information?

The purpose of the abstract is to provide a comprehensive overview of the research project and to summarize the study’s key findings. The abstract should provide enough information to stand on its own, giving the first-time reader key insights into the study. The abstract should include key research questions, aims, methods, and findings.

How Do Findings Discover In The Course Effects?

There are two basic approaches to interpreting data: an illustrative one and an analytical one. The former involves interrogating participants’ interpretation, whereas the latter attempts to contextualize the data and relate it to previous studies. For example, a researcher who adopts a deductive approach may produce codes that relate the data to a pre-specified codebook.

How To Introduce New Theory in Dissertation Conclusion ?

Best Dissertation Conclusion plants a seed of potential implications and provides new insights. It emphasizes the strengths of the research while recognizing its limitations. A good dissertation conclusion should also address bias or other issues that may have affected the research. Follow these tips to ensure your dissertation ends on a high note.

The conclusion is typically short. Its goal is to summarize the main arguments and emphasize their importance rather than introduce a new theory. If the conclusion is too long, it suggests that the information in the discussion chapter is more relevant. It is advisable to seek your tutor’s advice about the length of the conclusion section. In this scenario, you should write a short conclusion. Despite the importance of this section, it is crucial to avoid the temptation to ramble.

The conclusion chapter should not rehash what was previously discussed in the dissertation. Rather, it should briefly recap the key points from each stage and reflect on them. A conclusion should be short and easy to read. If you have trouble writing a conclusion chapter, try to consult your dissertation handbook. A graduate coach will give you free guidance and suggest appropriate revisions.

The conclusion chapter should not introduce new theories but should comprehensively review the findings. Finally, the conclusion chapter should present a suggestion for further research. Once this is completed, the dissertation conclusion is the final chapter. It should not be lengthy and should not be more than five to seven percent of the overall manuscript.


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