How To Turn On Amazon Connect And Make Cases

Amazon Connect now out-of-the-box offers cases that are available in preview. With Cases, you can create or edit a customer issue as you would with every other system for ticketing. With no integration, agents can take customer data from the contact and save it on the Agent Desktop. Switching between applications may result in an incomplete call record and delay. However, this is lessened by creating cases for every customer concern natively inside Amazon Connect. I am incredibly excited about this feature as it will significantly reduce the time required to resolve each inquiry to the contact center.

I’ve spent hours on the phone with support explaining my issue after being transferred to different teams. It was a complex and lengthy customer experience. Amazon Connect Cases’ agent Desktop displays call history and contact information, like other ticketing systems. This helps reduce the time a customer waits on hold and speeds up the resolution time. If you’re looking to enhance the customer experience and modernize the look of your Amazon Connect contact center, read on for more exciting details.

Enable Amazon Connect Cases

Cases are easy to activate, and registration on the Amazon Connect console starts your chances. Circumstances require Customer Profiles for contact flow. Customer profiles include first and last names, phone numbers, home email addresses, etc. To successfully connect a customer to each instance, the customer has to be identified through Customer Profiles.

The next step you must complete is to add access for Cases in your profile security within Amazon Connect.

After this after which, you will be able to see a new icon called Agent Applications; there are the tabs for the Case field as well as Case templates.

Case fields are vital details you’d like your agents to record during a conversation with the customer. The title, summary, status, or any other relevant field to your company.

Avoid Contact Center Outages

Learn about the most common mistakes to avoid when upgrading your contact center. Discover how Amazon Connect can help you stay clear of these.

By using the Case template, you can accomplish these things:

  • Fill in the required fields
  • Select fields that appear on the screen of the agent
  • Set the order in which the fields

Create a New Case

The prior cases display on their screens and their status when agents take the calls. Moreover, it is possible for the agent to connect his current call to any of the points open and create a new issue.

Making the new Case is as easy as an easy click. With a single interface, you can input all the information about the call and save the summary for other agents to utilize.

When the cases are open or update, what happens to them? However, To have a similar experience to the traditional ticketing system cases, They also can be sent by email directly to supervisors or customers using Amazon SQS and a custom lambda.

Prepare yourself to take a step ahead and integrate Cases into your customer service department. There is no need for custom code or integration to streamline your company, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce time on hold.

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