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How To Store Your Lash Adhesive Glue

If you want your fake eyelashes to stay in place all day, eyelash adhesive is a necessary evil. The improper sort of lash adhesive glue can have devastating and occasionally painful effects. If you use poor quality lash glue, you might face several faces including falling out of lashes, etc.

Additionally, if you wear artificial eyelashes frequently, you might face persistent irritation to your real lash hair.  You should never store the adhesive with any other items. Since they can include components that cause the adhesive to lose its effectiveness.


What Is the Duration Of Eyelash Glue?

The normal shelf life of lash adhesive glue is six months. After you open its cap, the shelf life of the lash glue adhesive will be around 30 days. It is impossible to apply adhesive while using an outdated product and the lashes may come out too soon.


In order to throw out the lash glue, you must remember the date you bought the lash glue. You may extend the life of your opening adhesive to six months by carefully storing it in a cold, dry location and shaking it before each use.


Top Tips for Storing Your Eyelash Adhesive

Eyelash Adhesive Glue

Everyone has experienced the situation where everything seems to be going so well until the glue acts up and almost wrecks the day. The unopened adhesive bottles must be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months after purchase.

Here are some suggestions to help you with how to correctly store and manage eyelash adhesive glue, so that you may get the most out of your stock because, regrettably, many eyelash extension training courses do not cover the issues you can encounter with adhesive.

  1. Environment


The ideal condition for all lash glue to function is about 0 to 25 degrees Celsius and 40 to 60 percent relative humidity.

Any warmer, cooler, drier, or wetter conditions make the adhesive considerably more challenging to work with. Make sure the temperature where you’re working is ideal for the glue by using a digital thermometer and adjusting the heating or air conditioning as necessary.

  1. Storage

You must store the lash glue upright position at a consistent room temperature. In order to retain the humidity in the bag, it is beneficial to store the glue in a dark area with a little sachet of silica gel or a small foam. By preventing airflow around the adhesive, storing the bottle in a bag like this will make it last longer.

Since condensation may form when removing adhesive glue from the refrigerator, we don’t advise keeping adhesive there. As a result of the temperature change, tiny water drops may condense within the bottle and react with the adhesive. An unopened bottle of the glue has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in this manner, and once opened, it must be used within 7 weeks.

  1. Usage

Before using, shake the bottle thoroughly, then turn it fully upside down to release the glue. This guarantees that the adhesive glue is thoroughly mixed before use, reducing the adhesive’s exposure to air and humidity. After dispensing the adhesive, clean the nozzle with baking paper or a makeup sponge (anything not made of cotton), then screw the lid on right away.

This will prevent any nozzle degradation and assist preserve the glue’s bonding strength. On a particularly hot or humid day, apply smaller drops of glue every few minutes. Avoid adding extra glue to the same drop because it can weaken the bond and reduce its longevity.


One of the most crucial elements of operating a successful lash business with satisfied customers is using fresh lash adhesive. It doesn’t really matter how full your sets are, what brand of lashes you use, or how amazing your lash photography abilities are, after all. Your client’s lashes won’t survive if your adhesive glue isn’t at its strongest; if this pattern continues, unfortunately, neither will your business.

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