How to Refresh Old Clothes: 5Ways

While wearing the same outfits year after year can get monotonous and predictable, purchasing new clothing is occasionally out of reach. By reinventing your old garments, you may add some flair to your collection. By repurposing your old clothing, you create a one-of-a-kind item that is exclusively yours. To give oneself additional fashionable outfit alternatives, upcycle an old t-shirt into a dress, sew a pair of cut-offs, or add fringe to an existing shirt.

How to Refresh Old Clothes: 5Ways

1. Use a t-shirt to create a dress. 

A playful strapless dress can be created from an oversized t-shirt. The shirt ought to be big enough to reach your knees

  • Remove the shirt’s sleeves, and then cut along the seam to create a long length of cloth out of them. Cut two identical rectangles out of the sleeves, leaving the final hem intact, by laying them flat on a table. These will make up the dress’ top.
  • Just below the neck, cut a straight line across the top of the garment. The shirt’s neckline should be discarded.

2. Old shirts can be given fringe.

 By adding fringe to the bottom of an old shirt, you can give it a fashionable boho appeal. Use a shirt that fits comfortably and is long enough to allow for bottom-fringe cutting.

  • Measure where the fringe should begin on the shirt, starting in the armpit, and make a mark on it. Lay the garment down flat. Mark the opposite side of the shirt as well, then draw a straight line connecting the two marks.
  • Make markings at the bottom of the shirt at half-inch intervals all the way across it, using the bottom hem as a guide for the ruler. A straight line up can be drawn with the ruler, cut here your new fringe shirt is ready 

3. Add a fresh button.

 You don’t have to throw away a shirt if one of the buttons has fallen off. The shirt can be made brand-new by adding matching button-through sewing, A matching button, needle, thread, and scissors are required. And even you could create an outstanding look by  adding a t-shirt under your stylish shirt for men 

4. Update  your clothes

By using dye to refresh an old pair of jeans, shirts, t-shirts, and what not you may get a brand-new pair of denim jeans, shirts, t-shirt, or any garment you wanted the change in, In my personal preference is to grab a tie and dye men’s co-ord set & pairing the same solid shirt underneath.

5. Size up a worn-out sweater. 

As sweaters get older, they frequently stretch out and start to appear dated. Resizing a worn-out, stretched-out sweater will make it fit you properly once more.

  • Pin the sweater where you wish to adjust it while wearing it inside out. In order to determine where to stitch, pinch and pin the sleeves. To reduce the size of the sweater, pin down either side.
  • Make sure all the pins are straight by carefully removing the sweater and laying it flat.
  • Sew the sweater in a line where the pins are using a sewing machine or by hand.
  • The surplus fabric should be cut after sewing.
  • Put on your newly sized sweater by turning it inside out.

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