How To Make CBD Bath Bomb: Easy CBD Isolate Bath Bomb Recipe

How to make CBD bath bomb?

In our busy daily schedule, we often forget to take care of ourselves. So, when you are looking for something nurturing to pamper yourself, you should consider using CBD bath bombs. Here is the best CBD bath bomb recipe for your convenience. 

It is entirely about taking the normal “bubble bath” to the next level. Most people think of making the THC bath bomb DIY rather than relying on the bombs, which are available on the market. Apart from being a cost-effective option, you also can blend a personalized blend to the very product. 

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Why Use CBD For Bath Bomb?

Before we dig deeper into the main topic of “How to make cbd bath bomb?” Let’s find out why you should try using CBD bath bombs when you are thinking about pampering yourself and soak in a tub with a CBD bath bomb. 

When you are sfor some next-level healing and relaxation properties, CBD bath bombs are the best. The whole experience of bathing in CBD bath bombs crafts the perfect environment for transdermal absorption. 

It might assist in fostering more localized results in those particular areas of your body where you want the results of soothing and treating.  Here are some benefits of using CBD bath bombs, people are usually hooked with. 

  • Nourishment of the nails, hairs, and skin.
  • Feeling of purification and healing. 
  • Stress relief.
  • All-over relaxation. 

When you are considering “how to make CBD bath bomb,” you should know that you will get two experiences in one. In the beginning, you are getting the ritual of a long, relaxing soak. After that, you also get to enjoy the benefits of CBD is deeply infused through your entire body. 

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How To Make CBD Bath Bomb Using CBD Isolate

Now is the time to dig deeper into the main topic, which is “how to make CBD bath bomb using CBD isolate?” CBD isolate bath bomb recipe is all about the perfect blend of creativity and science. Here I will guide you with an easy THC bath bomb DIY recipe.

This easy recipe is the best for new timers. Apart from being the easiest recipe possible, you will not need a bunch of tools for making this CBD bath bomb recipe. You will need some high-quality CBD to isolate to use in your CBD bath bomb recipe. 

If you are wondering what CBD isolates are, let me tell you, it is a pure, crystalline form of CBD that provides a concentrated dose. Now let’s look at the main recipe. 

  • A mold for your bath bomb.
  • One cup of baking soda.
  • 0.3 grams of your preferred CBD isolates.
  • Half a cup of Epsom salt. 
  • Half a cup of citric acid. 
  • Lastly, two and a half cups of warmed coconut oil. 

With these ingredients, you will be able to get around 6 bath bombs. Now you should think about how you would like to personalize your bath bombs. By using your preferred essential oil like lemongrass, or lavender, you can do that. 

This whole extra effort you need to put in for getting some added relaxation and great vibes to your CBD bath bombs. On the basis of how fragrant you want your bath bombs to be, you can add three drops to ten drops of the essential oil. 

Here are the steps of how to make CBD bomb with CBD isolates. 

Step 1: MIx CBD Isolates With Coconut Oil

The very first step of making CBD bath bombs is mixing your CBD isolates with warm coconut oil. In this step, you also need to add the essential oil of your choice with the mixture. 

Step 2: Mix Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Soda

Now, on the next step, mix the citric acid, baking soda, and Epsom salt in a separate bowl. 

Step 3: Mix Oil With All The Dry Ingredients

Using your hand, now you can slowly mix coconut oil, CBD isolate, and the essential oils into the bowl of dry ingredients gently. You need to be very slow as you will try to dampen the dry ingredients smoothly enough. 

Only this way will you get a mixture that can be molded well. In case you think that your ingredients need a bit of moisture, you also can add some s[ritzes of water. 

Step 4: Fill The Mold

Now is the time to fill your mold with the mixture. Fill each half of the mold, and then press them together. This is the process when you are using the traditional “orb” mold. If you need, using an ice-cube tray will also work. 

Step 5: Wait And Put The Formed Bath Bomb On The Paper

Let your mixture sit for at least two minutes in the mold. Keep a sheet of parchment paper ready meanwhile. Be very careful about releasing the newly formed CBD bath bombs and place them on the parchment paper. 

So these are all about how to make CBD bath bombs with CBD isolates. The minimum amount of CBD in a bath bomb is around 20 milligrams. In case you are looking for a calming bath experience, you should try the amount between 50 to 200 milligrams. 

For all the regular users out there, for every bath bomb, you can add a maximum of 160 milligrams of CBD. When you are planning to get the effect of 20 milligrams of CBD in each bath bomb, you will require to add CBD isolate powder of 0.12 grams. 

On the other hand, for 100 milligrams of CBD, add 0.6 grams of the same powder, and lastly, for 160 milligrams of CBD in every bath bomb, add 1 gram of your isolate product. A bit of delayed satisfaction is required for making a CBD bath bomb. 

Once the bath bombs are formed, you will be required to let the bath bombs sit in the open air for at least 24 hours. However, you can check periodically in order to test the firmness of the bath bombs you have made. 

THC Bath Bomb DIY Tips

When you are adding CBD oil for making CBD or THC bath bombs, you should use low-potency oils in order to make sure that the oil amount you are using will stretch throughout the entire batch for the even delivery per serving. 

In case the bath bombs crumble when you are trying to remove them from the mold, in order to try again, you obviously can pack them back. At the same time, you also can try spraying some water on the crumbled bombs to restore them. 

Using A CBD Bath Bombs

After knowing the answer to “how to make a CBD bath bomb?” you might be thinking of how to use CBD bath bombs. But trust me, there is no special trick on using these amazing bath bombs. You just need to drop the bombs into a tub full of water and let the bomb do its magic. 

Some people like to drop the bomb first into the tub before digging in. On the other hand, some like to get into the tub before putting the bomb in and experiencing the fun, fizzy action that is taking place all around them after the bomb hits the water. 

Some individuals also find that moving the bath bomb around the tubs or holding it underwater to create ripples allows it to make the bath bomb dissolve faster. Once you are in the tub along with the CBD bath bomb, you can soak for as long as you would love to spend. 

Great Alternatives To CBD Bath Soaks Or Bombs

In terms of savoring CBD soaks, CBD bath bombs are a total of the platinum standard. Although, for cost concerns and personal preference, some people go with the other available options out there. 

CBD bath soaks one of them, which look like little springs. You can drop it into the water and also allow you to use just a bit of product for every session. You also can go with CBD bath salts, which you can sprinkle into baths. 

If you are thinking about the cost of each CBD bath bomb, let me tell you, it varies between $5 to $20 for every pop. The price is almost more than worth it when you are looking for a fully immersive CBD experience, which will encompass your full body. 

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