How To Choose Custom Magnetic Boxes?

If you are interested in customizing magnetic boxes for your gift-giving purposes, you will be glad to know that there are many options available for this product. From shapes to colors, there are a wide range of options for this product. Here are some of your options:

Customized magnetic boxes

Unlike regular boxes, custom magnetic boxes can be printed in any colour. You can use any Pantone (r) colour to create your own unique design. In addition to this, you can print a full-colour image as well. To make them even more eye-catching, you can place a paper sleeve around the box. This gives your customers a great experience when they open it and closes it. It also looks much more premium than regular boxes, increasing your profit margins.

The design and style of custom magnetic boxes is also a major factor to consider. Customers love a good look, so custom magnetic boxes help to give your products that extra oomph. They can be elegant, aesthetically pleasing, or even expensive. They will be more likely to buy your product if it comes in an attractive box. If you want to create a high-end impression, consider spending a little more money on a premium-looking custom magnetic box.


When ordering custom magnetic boxes, consider the shape and size of the flap lid. Most magnetic boxes are rectangular, but some can be cut to fit various shapes. One popular shape is a triangular edge, but you can also choose an oval-shaped flap. You can also choose other shapes to best fit your design needs. For example, if you’re promoting a jewelry or watch brand, you might want to use a triangular-shaped flap.

When constructing larger structures, you can connect multiple magnetic boxes together to create larger shapes. Shapes for magnetic boxes are a great way for children to learn about shapes. Magnetic boxes can be addictive and therapeutic. They can be used by kids of all ages and can be purchased at any gift shop. You can also purchase them separately to make unique gift boxes. Listed below are several examples of popular shapes for magnetic boxes. You’re sure to find one that suits your needs!


Different types of magnetic boxes come in different colors. The colors of the box depend on the purpose for which it is used. Some are used to compliment the brand or the product, while others are purely for aesthetic purposes. Black magnetic boxes are a popular choice for many people, as they make the box look classy and pleasing to the eye. The following are some tips for choosing the right color for your box. You can browse the internet to find different companies and their products to get the best deals.

A magnetic box can come in different shapes and sizes. The boxes may be a simple square, a foldable type, or have a lid. If you’d like to add more appeal to your magnetic box, you can go with a different color scheme than the one you already have. The colors and design options you choose will depend on what your client’s brand wants. There are many options available for your magnetic box, so there’s bound to be one that will match the style of your product.


Magnetic boxes can come in a variety of sizes. These boxes are especially helpful for small gifts, because they ship flat and assemble themselves upon arrival. Smaller items will look luxurious in these boxes, and they also have a tactile snap that makes them desirable. There are even different colors and designs of magnetic boxes. So, you’re sure to find the perfect size to match the recipient’s preferences. In addition to their practicality, magnetic boxes are very stylish and can make a great gift.

Magnetic boxes are designed with a flap lid that is generally rectangular in shape, but can be cut to be oval or triangular. An image below illustrates a magnetic box with a triangular lid. Other shapes are available, and you can easily get your desired shape. Whatever shape you choose, you can always customize the box to suit your design needs. You can find the right one for your next game or for your personal collection.

Inlay options

Magnetic boxes are perfect for luxury gifts, and often feature inlay options. Soft foam, cardboard, or paper inlay are all great options. A velvet top can be included, making them perfect for delicate items such as perfume bottles. You can also customize the height of the inlay, making them the perfect choice for separating products within a magnetic box. Inlays can be printed with any colour of ink and have custom designs, too.

When choosing inlay options for magnetic boxes, consider the type of product you are packaging. Typically, Custom boxes come in white, black, and brown, but you can also choose a natural kraft paper version. The natural kraft paper option has its own benefits, including the fact that it is more environmentally friendly. Natural kraft paper also represents sustainability, a growing concern for many consumers today. Magnet boxes also make an excellent option for premium packaging because the magnets are set in a discreet location on the front portion of the box.

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