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How To Care For Your Sublimated Team Uniforms

Facing difficulties in cleaning up your sublimated uniforms? Don't Worry! Here are some useful suggestions to take care of your sports team apparel!

Suppose you have just found your squad’s perfect sports team apparel. However, you still worry about keeping it clean and fresh before the next game. As with freshly ironed and clean uniforms, your team appears strong, organized and prepared to win. They put up a brave fight, staying on defense the entire game, and never giving up.

There is sublimated sports team apparel for every sport, age group, and gender. They are comfortable, provide optimal physical performance during the game, and give you and your team a graceful appearance. You can also add your team’s colors and logo to make them uniquely yours.

This article features tips to ensure that your uniform has a long and fulfilling life. It is a simple guide on how to take care of your uniform to prevent damage during washing. So, whether you are sweating profusely, beat up by the victory, or ready for some much-needed slumber. Here are some quick suggestions for keeping your sports team uniform looking just as beautiful during the next game before they crumble into a heap.

First and Foremost: Don’t Ever Leave Your Sublimated Sports Kit Dirty After A Game!

After each game, you should wash and clean your uniform as soon as possible. If the stench of a sweaty, balled-up sports uniform from the previous day doesn’t put you off, the idea of turning up to practice the next day with sweat stains should! It’s essential to wash your team’s sublimated uniforms as soon as you can after wearing them because it works hard to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the game.

And if you are unfamiliar with the sublimation process, here is a quick review to let you understand why it is important to take good care of sublimated uniforms.

The Sublimation Process

The sublimation process is the most sophisticated printing technique at the moment. Whatever jersey or uniform you choose can be printed with any design and color you like. The best part about this method is that the fabric does not grow heavy or wrinkled.

Moreover, the uniform doesn’t change in thickness after printing, unlike with other printing techniques. However, this process needs attention to detail because of the need for specialist products. The dye may fade if the uniform is bare to unfavorable temperatures or amounts of moisture.

How To Wash Sublimated Sports Team Uniforms?

Obviously, after a lengthy session, your uniform would start to smell. With sublimated uniforms, you don’t have to worry about decreasing the number of washes like you do with normal uniforms. You can clean whenever you like! as long as you wash it properly. Throwing them in the washer should be your first action.

Use a gentle cycle with either warm or cold water. However, be careful with the selection of clothes that are washed along. As other clothes’ dye could quickly transfer to uniform, it is recommended to take care of this aspect every time you wash your sports team apparel.

Additionally, keep in mind that sublimated uniforms should be washed inside-out. It prevents patterns and logos from fading over. Always follow it with a mild detergent. The colors and design of the uniform may fade away after a few washes due to harsh detergents. The same rule applies to fabric softeners: never use them on sublimated uniforms.

How To Dry Sublimated Sports Team Uniforms?

You shouldn’t have much trouble getting your uniform dry. Letting it air dry is the best option. Once the cycle is over, take it out of the washer and hang it up using a hanger. Hang it outdoors or somewhere with good airflow to ensure it dries fast and effectively.

You can also use the dryer if the weather prevents you from letting your uniform air dry. But with caution! Only use the low-heat setting on your machine. The uniform should never be dried using high heat. The pattern and colors of the uniform might be harmed and may shrink as a result.

Where To Store Your Sports Team Uniforms?

Sublimated uniforms are pretty easy to store. You can simply fold and store them in your everyday use drawer or cupboard. However, the only condition is that it should be dry and cold. Therefore, you should not keep sublimated sports team apparel in a hot and humid store room or drawer. It is because mold formation between fabrics is most common in hot conditions, and your uniform’s pattern could be damaged.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Sports Team Uniform?

Here are some necessary precautions that you don’t only need to consider but should also follow to keep your sports team apparel in good shape.

  • This is the most important precaution. Always try to keep your sports uniform away from hot surfaces. This also includes avoiding the high-heat and hot-water settings on your dryer and washing machine.
  • For the same reasons, you should never iron your sublimated uniforms. It can ruin the colors and pattern of the uniform due to high heat, making it unattractive over time. Additionally, most jersey and uniform fabrics don’t wrinkle easily; thus, they don’t need to be ironed.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never take your uniform to the dry cleaners. In any way, cleaning your uniform is a simple task. And even if you do take it to the dry cleaners, your uniform can come out looking terrible.
  • Always keep chlorine and bleach away from your sublimated uniforms. Would you ever bleach your favorite shirt? I don’t think so. The same goes for sublimated uniforms. You don’t want bleach as it destroys colors and makes the fabric quite harsh.

Bottom Line

Your sublimated uniforms can maintain their attractive appearance for many years. The only thing you need to do is to take good care of them. So, follow the guidelines above to let your sports team apparel outshine others!

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