How To Apply For ACS Australia Skill Assessment

No matter how eligible you are as an IT professional, showing your competency convincingly is a must for you. Therefore, you must know how to apply systematically for an RPL ACS Australia skill assessment. 

So, if you are interested in knowing how to apply, you are reading the right blog. Here, we will tell you the necessary things related to the RPL ACS Australia skill assessment. So, read the whole blog attentively. 

In what conditions you can use an ACS RPL pathway: 

You can use the RPL pathway only in the below-given situations: 

  1. If not having an ICT degree qualification but with 6 years of work experience, then you can apply. However, your work experience must be relevant to the chosen occupation ANZSCO code. 
  2. If not having even tertiary qualifications, then you can apply. However, in this situation, you need to have 8 years of work experience as an IT professional. Remember that the extra two-year work experience doesn’t need to be relevant to the ANZSCO code. 

How to apply for RPL ACS Australia skill assessment? 

If applying for skilled migration to Australia, follow the given guidelines by ACS clearly. For that, first, go through your visa requirements and check the ANZSCO code information handbook. After that, read it attentively to know which occupational category your work experience is closely related to. 

After doing that, fill out the online application form on the official site. Even if not having sufficient ICT content in your tertiary qualification, you can still apply. In this situation, submit an RPL report, and show that you have eight years of relevant work beşiktaş escort experience. 

You need to adhere to the following steps if applying for skills assessment in ACS for Australian immigration: 

  1. Get your skills assessment done by ACS online. 
  2. Prepare for the PTE examination. 
  3. Submit your EOI (Expression of Interest). 
  4. Await ITA. 
  5. When receiving your ITA, get your PCC and medical done (PCC means Police Clearance Certificate). 
  6. Pay your visa fee 
Assessment process: 

If having your work experience and professional credentials at the ICT standard, you can pass the ACS migration skills assessment. For migration, everything must harmonize with the nominated occupation (ANZSCO). 

ACS assesses course units, requirements and employment episodes to ensure that they are at an ICT professional unit level. This evaluation outcome can confirm if the qualification may be a Major, Minor or if the content is not sufficient. 

The authority assesses only the occupation that is closely related to the ICT units. 

Australian Computer Society also determines the amount of work experience necessary to fulfill the suitability criteria. 

It also evaluates employment episodes to ensure that they are in harmony with the nominated occupation. 

In other words, it does everything to ensure that the candidate fulfills the ACS skill assessment requirements. 

Assessment result: 

The final results of the ACS Australia skill assessment are issued via email in PDF format. If a positive result, you can submit it to the Department of Home Affairs as evidence of skills assessment. On the other hand, if a negative result, the authority provide the reasons for its failure. 

Translation of documents: 

If your documents are in any other language, get them translated into English. 

Translation of documents in Australia: 

The translation must be done by translators accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)

Translation of documents out of Australia: 

The translation must be from: 

A Ministry of Justice or equal in the country 

The Australian Education International Section (AEIS) at an Australian Diplomatic Mission

Private and Commercial Translators

The Awarding Institution 

Australian High Commission, Consulate or Embassy

The overseas translation must include an official stamp, the name of the translator, contact information and signature. Their contact information must be genuine for ACS to verify the translated documents. 

Required documents for ACS Australia skill assessment: 

A passport matching the name on the application form 

Name change evidence if applicable 

A proper title of the degree or award certification: 

The name of the University along with its completion date (ACS may not assess it if finding without proper evidence)

Award or degree transcript

The marks/grades you obtained with the subject names

If having a postgraduate degree, give documents for the undergraduate qualification 

Employment reference letters

Proof of paid employment

If applying for RPL, submit the ACS online form

Resume or CV uploaded in the personal document section 

Migration agent authorization form (if applicable)

Processing time: 

Generally, the RPL ACS Australia skill assessment process takes 6 weeks from the time of the evidence and document submission. However, the processing time also depends on how much you take to gather proof of your skills, experience and qualifications. Besides that, it is also dependent on the level of recognition required for your chosen course. 

Upload the documents into the online form: 

Combine each employment and qualification detail in one PDF document. 

Get original documents scanned in colour (a minimum of 300dpi). 

The PDP file you upload has to be a maximum of 3MB.  

Don’t encrypt PDF files, and keep them in the read-only format. 

Upload the PDF files into the Online Application Form. 


If you need more information regarding RPL ACS Australia skill assessment, contact us freely. 


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