How iOS Application Development Company can convert iOS apps to android?

Choosing a platform while developing a mobile app is quite a challenging task. Both platforms have pros and cons too. It is also not possible to go with both media with limited resources. However, if you already have an application, converting it from android to iOS is possible and beneficial.

Let us have a look over the statistics:

  • According to the data, android has more than 75% of the users.
  • On the other hand, about 26% of iOS users in the industry.
  • Therefore, more than 99% of users have iOS or Android operating systems.
  • Therefore, the industry has almost one-third of iOS users compared to android.
  • Still, iOS applications generate $9 billion more app revenue than android.

While getting an android application, the business thinks of potential customers. On the other hand, an iOS Application Development Company can get you higher revenue, so deciding the platform also depends on the type and motto of the business and target audience.

Few tactics can run the app on both platforms, like using a cross-platform app development framework and tools and the language used by the same codebase. So firstly, we will look at the conversion from one platform to another. We can easily convert one app from another platform to iOS, which is relatively cost-effective.

What are the converting Options?

To begin with, let’s tackle this question: are there any converters wherever you’ll be able to paste your app, press a button, and find a code for one more operative system?

Unfortunately, no. Platforms’ options variations make it impossible to convert an iOS app to android with simply several faucets. The choices aren’t that various once it involves building an app for one more OS — it’s developing it from scratch.

You could use specific code components in some cases, and we’ll cowl them also. However, it’d be a different development method for the foremost half.

How iOS Application Development Company Convert Android App to iOS Cost- & Time-Effective?

There are a few tips to make the event method quicker and more cost-effective. They’re pretty straightforward to follow and may be integrated into the workflow even before the event starts.

Firstly, you ought to hire iPhone app developer your mind that going back to altering the code is kind of long since developers have to be compelled to confirm that modifications didn’t cause any new bugs. Moreover, there are certain checkpoints in mobile development. Once adding even, the littlest changes would mean that developers could write a considerable part of the code afresh.

Top Things to listen to once Building App

When porting iOS to the android app, it’s necessary to keep aspects like software system versions or direction patterns variations in mind.

In this section, we’ll mention the most variations in varied development aspects and how to handle them so that the porting would be as sleek as potential.

OS Versions

First, we’d wish to mention OS versions. It typically happens that mobile users don’t update their devices to the most recent OS for no matter reason. So, we tend to can’t do something to alter the case, yet we tend to positively ought to confirm that each app works well on all operative systems that are actively used currently.

Screen Sizes & Resolutions

When building a second application, it’s essential to consider the distinction between screen sizes and resolutions of iOS and Android devices. The case here is usually virtually identical to OS. Apple has a pretty restricted variety of devices running on iOS. Therefore, it’s a chunk of cake for several developers.

Interface variations

Interfaces of android and iOS devices are entirely different; therefore, sadly, reusing the interface of the primary app and porting it to another platform isn’t a choice. The most conceptual distinction lies in companies’ approaches: Apple uses HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), whereas Google prefers material style. Let’s glance at several examples to determine what it means for you as an app owner.


You should hire iPhone app developer and check if the look is in keeping with your whole and custom-made for the new software system. For this purpose, you ought to check up on the app as a separate unit with no respect to your existing app and as a neighborhood of your general whole.

According to data, if you have the app operable on both operating systems, you can cover a customer base of around 6.9 billion customers.

According to iOS Application Development Company, if you have the app operable on both operating systems, you can cover a customer base of around 6.9 billion customers.


Another good thing is building an app with essential practicality and a few name details; therefore, users con it. Such a method helps you optimize prices and scale back development time once you launch an app for the primary time.

The factor is that it would not be cheap to apportion heaps of resources to make a sophisticated app with heaps of 3rd-party integrations if you’re not even positive that the new market is actively it.
Also read about difference between shared and dedicated hosting.

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