GE turbine; basics to know about!

The GE turbine’s intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust functions in a reciprocal engine occur in the same combustion space. Therefore, each chamber shall be occupied exclusively during each part of the combustion cycle. As a result, the gas turbine controls in aircraft are notable by separate sections devoted to each task and can operate simultaneously without interruption.

Aircraft turbine engines are deliberate for light aircraft with highly sophisticated mechanisms. The design requires maximum capacity or thrust, minimum weight, and maximum fuel efficiency. Aircraft gas turbine has roller bearings that require exotic metallurgy and high firing temperatures. However, people use it with a limited fuel variation. When you use an aircraft turbine engine in an industrial application, a shaft power generator combines with a separate power turbine.

General characteristics

You can obtain helpful work or propulsive thrust from GE turbine controls. For example, it may drive a generator, pump, or in the case of a pure jet aircraft engine, grow thrust by accelerating the turbine exhaust flow over a nozzle. As an output, the engine produces large amounts; it is much smaller and lighter than a returning internal-combustion engine. 

However, reciprocating engines depend on the up-and-down motion of a piston; it can convert it to a rotating motion by a crankshaft arrangement. In contrast, a GE turbine delivers rotary shaft power directly. Although conceptually, the gas-turbine engine is a simple device, the components for an efficient unit must be carefully deliberate. 

They are manufactured from costly materials due to the high temperatures and stresses encountered during operation. Therefore, gas-turbine engine installations are usually narrow to large units where they become cost-effective.

Major Parts of a GE Turbine Power Plant

Gas Turbine

A gas turbine converts the kinetic energy of hot gases into rotational energy, which can drive the synchronous generator. Moreover, it has multiple stages, High-pressure phase, intermediate pressure stage, and then low-pressure setting. The combustion process of GE turbine Controls takes place in the turbine, so the cooling process also occurs here to save the blades from melting. Moreover, most of the time, a cooling fluid is constantly passing through the edges.


The manufacturer mounts it on the same shaft; it compresses the regular here and mixes with the fuel. It is then get ignited here, which causes an increase in temperature and pressure. The temperature can go as high as 1400 °C. At this very high temperature, nitrogen can combine with oxygen to produce nitrogen oxides. Still, it can control this GE such that all the oxygen can get utilized in the combustion gas process.

Advantages of a Gas Turbine Power Plant

Several types are available, and the advantages of a gas turbine in the power process.

  1. Their popularity has risen (around 90% in the USA). Now, people use them as standard prime movers for various industrial applications.
  2. Most efficient to transform fossil fuel into energy.
  3. GE Turbines→35-265MW output, around 38% efficiency in power.
  4. Smaller in size and no issue of harmful gases.

Disadvantages of a Gas Turbine Power Plant

  1. High rotor speeds
  2. Low life and efficiency

Aeroderivative Intercooler Gas Turbines

GE turbine has produced the LMS 100, a highly high-efficiency aero-derivative appliance. Operating at around 44% efficiency at full base load, it produces over 100 MW after a 10-minute start-up. However, this technology, currently available from GE, is the newest and least tested technology identified here. However, it is an essential alternative because of its successful initial testing and extremely high efficiency for a simple cycle.


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