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Exclusive Savings Opportunities For Kohls Cardholders

Keep an eye out for monthly savings opportunities exclusive to Kohls Cardholders to Pay Kohls Credit Card and prevail an anniversary offer. You can stack & save even more.

Combine your Kohl’s Card’s exclusive discounts and Pay Kohls Credit Card with Kohl’s Cash, rewards, and other savings opportunities for added value.

Shop And Receive Free Shipping

Become an MVC (Most Valued Customer) by spending $600 annually on your Kohl’s Card, and receive Kohls Free Shipping Code every month.

Plan, shop, and save with the assistance of your new personal shopper and Pay Kohls Credit Card Payments.

Dates For Kohls Cash Coupons

Sign up for sales alerts to remain current on our Pay Kohls Credit Card Never allow your Kohl’s Cash to expire unused by setting a notification in your Kohl’s Wallet to alert you before a certificate expires.

The Current Kohls Cash® Earn Promotion Is As Follows:

Currently, there is no Pay Kohls Credit Card earning period.

Present Kohls Cash® Redemption Offer:

Currently, Pay Kohls Credit Card earned on purchases made between May 26 and May 30 can redeem. Redeem between May 31 – June 19.

Earned Pay Kohls Credit Card can only redeemed during the specified redemption dates. The dates of the promotions are based on CST (Central Standard Time). Print, email, or download your Kohl’s Cash directly from the Kohl’s website! Click here for online Kohl’s Cash usage information.

Dates Of Expired Kohls Cash Promotions:

Earned on purchases made from May 18 through May 22. Redemption between May 23 and May 30. Earned on purchases made from May 5 through May 15.

Redeemed from May 16 to May 22.

Other Payment Options Exist

You can also Pay Kohl’s Credit Card bills quickly and easily by phone, mail, or in person.

Kohl’s Card

Are you a frequent shopper at Kohls? Do you frequently visit Kohls stores or for children’s apparel, bedding, or kitchenware? Apply for a Kohl’s Card and enjoy unprecedented savings! Your Kohl’s Card grants you access to additional discounts throughout the year.

In addition, on the first day you use your Kohls Card, you can save an additional 35% off your purchase.

Combine Your Kohl’s Card Coupons

with Pay Kohls Credit Card and Kohl’s Rewards to save more. If you spend $600 on your Kohl’s Card, you will receive additional coupons throughout the year as a Most Valued Customer (MVC). Save on everything your family requires.

from footwear and everyday essentials to furniture, jewelry, and household items. Your Kohl’s Card can assist you in finding your favorite items at a discount.

The Kohls Card

Gain access to your Kohl’s Card account whenever, wherever.

  • Pay your bill online
  • Request an increase in your credit limit
  • Sign up for electronic statements

Managing Your Kohl’s Card

My Kohls Card allows you to activate a new card, request a replacement card, change your next payment date, and request an increase in your credit limit.


Please contact us at (800) 564-5740 if your card was lost, stolen, or you never received it. To request a new card, only cards in need of replacement (e.g., damaged or worn) should use the feature below.

Substituting A Kohls Card

  • Click the Menu button.
  • Click “Manage card” followed by “Replace card.”

Confirm the Pay Kohls Credit Card that will replace (typically the most recent card issued to you) and your address in the sidebar. (Your address can change in your profile.)

Select “Replace Card” From The Menu

  • Requesting an Increase in Credit Limit
  • Click the Menu button.
  • Click “Manage card” followed by “Credit limit increase.”
  • In the sidebar, enter your annual income total. (Please review our earnings statement.)

Click “Request A Raise.”

In a moment, you will notified if your credit limit can increase at this time. If we grant you an increase, your new credit limit will display.

To apply the new credit limit to your Kohl’s Card, click “I accept.”

Curious To Find Out If You Qualify?

Before submitting your request, you must meet the following requirements…

  • Your account status must be positive.
  • You have not filed for bankruptcy in the recent past.
  • Your credit limit has not raised within the past three months.
  • Your total debts are manageable relative to your annual income. (We’ll just ask a few questions to confirm your income.)

Additional Information To Grant Request

Your credit history may considered when determining your eligibility for an increase in your credit line. Kohl’s may obtain information from your credit bureau to assist with the processing of your request.


Credit bureau inquiries can have an impact on your credit score regardless of approval, depending on your credit history and other factors.

Activate Your New Card At Kohls

  • Click the Menu button.
  • Click “Manage card” followed by “Activate card.”
  • Confirm the card that will replace (typically the most recent card issued to you) and your address in the sidebar. (Your address can change in your profile.)

Select “Replace Card” From The Menu

  • Once activated, a notification will appear
  • Modify Your Due Date
  • Click the Menu button

Select “Manage Card” Followed By “Change Due Date”

Please use the drop-down menu in the sidebar under “Select due date” to select your new due date.

Click “Review Due Date”

Click “Confirm” on the subsequent screen after reviewing your new due date. (Note that your payment due date will change for the subsequent billing cycle.)

You will receive a notification when the change to the due date is successful.

Debit/Credit Card Payments For Kohls Cards

Should You Make a Payment? Not Possessing Your Pay Kohls Credit Card?

No problem! By dialing 855-564-5774, Kohls accepts debit card payments over the phone through our automated phone system. After 7 p.m. (Central Time), debit card payments made through our automated phone system will posted the following day.

Credit cards are not accepted at this time. Plan a Future Payment or Discover Additional Payment Options.


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