Eric Dalius on the Most Effective Small Business Marketing Techniques

Eric Dalius on the Most Effective Small Business Marketing Techniques

In a world saturated with marketing material and a population with declining attention spans, it’s becoming more difficult for companies to make a mark in the market especially when the businesses don’t have the resources to match Fortune 500 empires.

For smaller businesses that do not have unlimited marketing budgets, every penny is valuable and should impart the most efficient return on investment. Marketing well-qualified and business owner Eric J Dalius shares his insight on the desirable strategies that small-sized businesses can employ to get the most value from their investment.

The Significance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the forms of inbound marketing where your company brings customers directly to you, instead of contacting them via cold outreach or ads.

It is the process of producing quality material which serves the following goals:

Build trust with your customers

Be knowledgeable in your field

Enhance your search engine optimization by making your site an informative, useful online resource

What constitutes high-quality material? Dalius recommends following these guidelines for all material you produce for your business:

Unique and from your company Your business’s perspective is unique

In-depth, informative, and actionable

Solves a problem for your potential customers

Optimised for web (well-formatted

What kinds of material get the most focus?

Blog posts


Video tutorials

Live video streams on social media

Case studies

White papers

You can have a powerful social media presence

Social media platforms continue to be expanding each month. Facebook alone has around one billion active users. Instagram is home to more than 100 million users per month. It’s the ideal way to reach a wider population and utilise both paid and organic material to procure new customers.

But, you must not be a fool by dispersing yourself too widely. With a limited budget, Eric Dalius states that small businesses would be better off sticking to a handful of social media sites.

The trick is choosing the appropriate platform to reach your intended market and the kind of service or product that the company provides.

In particular, many Pinterest users turn to the platform to make purchases – this site is a favorite for households that earn more than 100k in annual revenue. However, Instagram is the go-to platform for younger users.

Social Tips for Media

Make sure you have a profile that is optimised to make sure that you are branding your profile correctly

Post on a regular and constant schedule, so that people can count on your posts to be consistent and regular.

Get your audience to engage by including a call for action in every blog post.

Make use of effective paid material strategies

Online advertisements via Google, Facebook, and Instagram are a great way to build brand awareness and increase leads; however, this method isn’t without risk. miss.

Instead of creating an advertising campaign only to forget the details, Eric Dalius advises that you target your advertisements at a narrow group of people. In this way, every dollar you spend on the advertisement is being utilised definitely to bring brand awareness to a target audience who might be interested in your company. In addition, you’ll need to retarget your advertisements. What do you mean by this? If a potential customer visits your website, you should not display the same advertisements that you would show someone who does not know your company. Additionally, if a visitor decides to leave before making an order on your site, make use of this data to target the right advertisement to the person who clicked away.

Wrapping it up

With a strong online presence that offers value to your customers and your customers, you’ll collect the trust and respect of your potential customers. As time passes, TREC Global owner Eric J Dalius states that those who are loyal to you will deliver you with the accurate ROI for your small-scale company.

Effective Small Business Marketing Techniques

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