Content Marketing KPIs: 7 KPIs for Content Marketing

The acronym KPIs stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a professional tool that measures your performance efficiency over time for a certain goal. Moreover, KPIs help all aspects of your business to move forward at a strategic level. Thus it supports the outcomes of your impactful business strategies. In simple words, it allows you to monitor the performance of your content. Thus enabling your business to grow. Content writers use KPIs to create dynamic web content and relatable content with high SEO. Learning what are KPIs can be beneficial for most people. Otherwise, you will struggle to view the feedback on your content. Keep reading to understand how to monitor your content performance efficiently. 

7 KPIs For Content Marketing

We have put together 7 KPIs for content marketing. Certainly, this will allow you to track your performance. Ready to monitor content performance efficiently?

Time spent: 

You create content for people to engage with it. Thus the time spent on your content matters a lot. You can try to measure the time of your content. This will allow you to understand which type of content does well amongst the readers. Moreover, The content should resonate with the audience because it must provide clear information. Answering every question they might have in their mind. Besides tracking metrics allow you to make future marketing decisions as well. 

Bounce rate: 

The bounce rate typically means how many people visit your content page and leave without visiting other pages. Moreover, this allows you to understand if people are continuing to engage with your content. This can be done by tracking this metric you can identify pages with higher bounce rates. You can rework those pages to drive better results.  


Lead generation is important to survive in the digital world. Your content drives people to complete conversion-focused action. People go through your content first before subscribing to your emails or making a purchase. The content contributes to the factor of generating leads. Measuring leads from your content is critical however it helps you with your marketing goals. 


Indeed, backlinking is one of the best practices. While it allows you to link a blog post on another website to your blog. Also known as inbound links. Furthermore, make sure the backlinks open in a new tab or window. Even so, they are links to your website. Surely this is how you increase traffic to your website. This can also create a chance for your website to be found. Certainly, if you are measuring high-quality backlinks, it means your content is relevant to the readers.


The next content marketing KPI are keywords that play a vital role in linking your content to search engines. Besides keywords are crucial as they are the targeted words that are punched in search engines to find relevant searches. Moreover, the placement of keywords plays a vital role in acquiring higher ranks in Google searches. The content you are creating must be relevant to what people look for. It shouldn’t seem too obvious and flow naturally. Yet you need to reoptimize your content if the metrics show a low keyword count. 

Social visibility

To drive organic traffic to your website your content must lie on the first page of the search result. This happens by targeting the right words in order to lie on the first page. Moreover, your content will not always rank high yet your overall content must rank on the first page. Measurement of your social visibility enables you to make strategies for your future content. 

Page per session:

Pages per session indicate how many pages the visitor visits on your website. Thus this enables them to learn more about your business. Additionally, monitoring their internal links allows you to understand the interest of people while reading your content. Monitoring the performance of your page per session, enables you to understand how effective your content is in keeping leads engaged.

In a nutshell, KPIs give you an idea if your content is giving you desired results. Moreover, they allow brand awareness, conversions and increasing engagement. Website design services help in providing insights into past events as well as future directions. KPIs remove the complexity of many separate processes. Furthermore, you need to understand the performance of your content. No matter how top-notch your content is, if you are not taking out time to monitor it, it’s useless. As it needs to be updated now and then. Thus you can optimize your content for better results.

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