Considerable Parameters For RPL ACS IT Skill Assessment Report

Considerable Parameters For RPL ACS IT Skill Assessment Report

Writing an RPL ACS IT skill assessment report requires you to take so many things into account. These things are documents, writing tips, the ACS guidelines, its assessment criteria and the acceptable parameter.

Only taking all these into account can make it possible for you to write a perfect RPL report. If you make a minor mistake in any of the points, then you may have a negative RPL ACS skill assessment.

Having taken this fact into account, we have written this blog to familiarize you with valuable writing tips. Besides that, we will also acquaint you with some considerable parameters. So, read both of them carefully to craft a perfect ACS RPL report. Besides that, pay attention to some other necessary things related to the RPL report.

5 expert-given tips for writing the best RPL ACS IT skill assessment report:

ACS asks you to write two project reports for a full RPL report. The first one of them should have been from the last three years. The second one should be of the last five years from your visa application date. Afterward, you need to follow the tips below to write a perfect RPL report:

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is to select your project carefully. It is because it is the project that will allow you to show your IT skills, knowledge and work experience.
  • In simple terms, give the project details. Here, give the name of the project you took, the affiliated company and your role in the project.
  • Provide a clear description of the responsibilities and duties you had for the project. Describe interestingly how your idea led to the desired result in the design and development of each project. Another thing you to remember here is to highlight your strengths.
  • Explain clearly the methods in the System Analysis and Design phase of each project.
  • Demonstrate your programming skills by giving the programming language names you used in the project.


The parameters you need to take into account when preparing an RPL ACS report:

  1. The network topologies are based on the size of the network and the security features that are installed.
  2. Various types of quality assurance and project management techniques are utilized.
  3. Your contribution to the implementation and design processes.
  4. System Design Approaches and analysis are utilized.
  5. The programming languages used and various procedures for design paradigms.
  6. A consideration of countless different types of approaches for system design and analysis.

Documents you need to submit for the RPL ACS IT skill assessment:

The following are the documents you need to submit for a positive RPL ACS Australia skill assessment:

  • Application Form
  • Key Areas of Knowledge (2 project reports)
  • The most updated CV/resume
  • Career Episode Report (CE) that is on the last three-year work experience
  • Academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency exam results like PTE, IELTS or TOEFL
  • Statutory Declaration

ACS guidelines for writing the best RPL report:

If you follow the below-given guidelines, you will write an exceptional RPL ACS IT skill assessment report:

  1. Keep your ACS RPL report based on your real situation work experience. Here, you don’t need to impress the ACS by giving false or exaggerated descriptions. If you do so, then be prepared for rejection.
  2. If using someone’s examples, ideas or diagrams, credit them. If you don’t give them credit, then ACS will find your application unacceptable.
  3. Your report must be free from even a minor trace of plagiarism. For this, you’d better use an ACS RPL sample that is available on the Internet to take reference. Copying content from this can lead to rejection. In this case, you will be within the knowledge of IBP, which will cause you trouble. So, use such reference materials to know the guidelines and format.
  4. The Australian Computer Society uses the latest technology-powered tools for plagiarism checks like the Turnitin software system. So, we strictly advise you to write the report in your own words. Even after doing that, you should check for plagiarism. It is because you may have unintentional plagiarism.
  5. Last but not least, your job descriptions must harmonize the position you are applying for. In simple terms, your chosen ANZSCO code list occupation must be in alignment with your roles and responsibilities.

Documents you need to upload on the ACS RPL application form:

It’s mandatory for you to upload the necessary documents on the online form. You must do so according to the ACS guidelines in the ACS information book. Adhere to the below-given documentation instructions:

  1. You’d better compile all work and educational details into a single PDF document
  2. Keep your PDF file no longer than 3 MB
  3. Fill up the online application form and upload the PDF files
  4. You must keep your PDF files unencrypted or in read-only format
  5. Original document colour scans (minimum 300 dpi)


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