Common FAQs About English Teaching that Online English language tutors Want to Know

Online English language tutors Want to Know

When you think about online tutoring, it may strike you with multiple questions.  You may wonder how online teaching is different from teaching in the classroom? Will you be able to achieve a work-life balance or not? With all the good sides of becoming an online tutor come challenges too. Digital technology, tools and props can be way too intimidating to work on. Student engagement lesson plans are other things to worry about as an online tutor for English.  

So, is it ideal to think about online platforms or not? Will it make a difference in your life and bring good results that you’re expecting from it? Here are a few most common questions about tutoring jobs answered. 

Is Teaching Online a Legitimate Career? 

It depends on your interest in tutoring online. If you want to make it your side hustle, you can do so; if not, it is also an excellent career to look into. Once you understand building a student base, take online sessions and market yourself as a brand. You can quickly start your online venture and build a solid career as an online English language tutor

There will be students from across the globe reaching out to you for learning and gaining knowledge. It is always a good idea to build your career as an Online English tutor, but the journey is not as easy as it sounds. 

Teaching Online or In Person: What is the Difference?

The difference is the classroom experience that a student gets from in-person teaching. Online lacks the feel and vibes of being in a classroom. Therefore as an learning platform for tutors, you need to put a lot of effort into engaging in the session. 

Students may get easily distracted due to the use of digital devices. It is best to add some interesting points, add ppt, relevant teaching aids and material to keep students hooked on to the session. 

You can adapt the classroom approach in your online session; this will help your students understand the lecture easily. 

What are Online Teaching Requirements?

One of the most critical requirements of teaching English online is having teaching experience. If not teaching, at least good knowledge of the language. You won’t be getting students if you don’t have either of the two, so make sure you flaunt it rightly. 

With that, the teaching certificates matter too. You have to be sure that if you don’t have teaching experience, you can get online certificates too. There are short term English teaching courses that you can pursue. TEFL certificates are quite in demand; you can consider that for yourself. 

How much money can I earn Teaching Online?

Your earnings will depend upon the number of sessions you take on online language teaching platforms. Each session ranges from one hour, and students pay hourly to the tutor. So, if you invest at least 3-4 hours, you can earn quite a good amount! 

The charges are flexible, and you can choose the range based on your experience, expertise, level of knowledge etc. Make sure you do justice to your experience and charge the amount that seems well to you. Also, your students should afford you, be it from any corner of the world. 


These are a few FAQs that tutors have kick-started their online careers. Now is the time you move ahead and lookout for opportunities that can help you grow as a tutor. 

Remember that you invest your time and energy in the right tutoring platform that offers enough scope for you to grow and bloom in the teaching industry.

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