Best Ways for the Grain Pest Control

The best way to keep your harvest safe and secure from aflatoxin in corn and pests is to install the best quality grain chillers.

Grain pest control and aflatoxin in corn control are like pulling your favorite wool sweater out of the spare room closet, only to discover the best scene out of the teen horror film, the moth diaries.

As part of your farm’s biosecurity, you have various measures to create a safe and hygienic environment for the stored grain. It is one of the key factors to prevent pests from sneaking into your stored grain. One obvious benefit of the grain chillers is that you can use them inside your silos and facility to keep your grains safe and secure.

Cross-contamination is the initial cause of many instances of insect infestation. Insects including weevils, moths, beetles, grain borers, and mealworms can find their way easily into the grain storage bins when they are completely cleaned and prepared.

It is advisable to clean empty bins, subfloors, aeration ducts, elevators, augers, and grain harvesting machinery to avoid pest infestation inside your facility. Treat all the weatherproof grain storage bins, repair and seal all the holes and treat them with residual insecticides. Fumigate the perforated floor and aeration duct screens thoroughly.

Apart from preparing your storage facilities and grain handling equipment for harvest, it becomes equally important to prepare grain for storage at the harvest. Pest control starts in the fields during the growing season, but it doesn’t end at the harvest.

The best way to keep your harvest safe and secure from aflatoxin in corn and pests is to install the best quality grain chillers. Grain chillers are one of the best options that you can choose to save your grains from the attack of foreign particles and insects. Let’s go ahead and discuss some of the benefits of the grain chillers.


Once you start keeping your grains in grain chillers, grain chillers start maintaining the required moisture in the grain silos. Uncontrolled moisture is one of the biggest enemies of grains which can completely destroy the grains on an extreme level. As monsoon has already arrived, there will be moisture variations in the environment and suddenly, the moths, toads, and reptiles will start appearing. The fecal matter of these insects and reptiles contains unhealthy bacteria which further contaminate the crop and increase the chances of crop spoilage.


Grain chillers may sound expensive, but when it comes to budget management, they are extremely versatile and cost-effective. Grain chillers save your grains from the various foreign particles and maintain the temperature. So, if your harvest is safe and secure, you can keep them for a longer period of time. Once, the season is on, you can further sell your uncontaminated harvest without any compromise.

Maintenance Friendly

Once grain chillers are installed in silos and facilities, you don’t have to worry on regular basis. After the installation, you have to just keep a check on the moisture, temperature, and ventilation. Now, you don’t need to keep your crops in the sunlight and bring it back to the facility. The grain chillers will maintain the optimum temperature in the facility. This will further prevent your crops from foreign particles and unwanted adulterants.


Grain chillers are becoming a great resource to save your harvest from deterioration. Always remember, even if a single grain is infected; it is going to spoil the whole harvest.  Doesn’t matter how many times you clean your facility. It will keep on getting infected and you will not be able to do the grain pest control because the pests in grains spread like a wildfire. It keeps on increasing at a rapid rate.

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