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With so many paid advertising channels being available to marketers, there is a plethora of opportunity out there. But if you’re advertising on many advertising platforms and operate in a niche that has a long sales funnel. Then you may end up with more than one platform taking credit for the same result. Another difficulty is that if you combine up conversions from more than one advertising platform with what you’re seeing in Google Analytics, the numbers virtually never match up. Explaining the rationale for this, is something that many “PPC Agency Near Me”  providers have to do with their clients.

To find out why conversion figures in an advertising platform may be different to what you see in Google Analytics, it pays to be aware of the variances in how each advertising platform’s conversion monitoring works.

Each advertising platform may have its own term for a conversion type. For the sake of this article, I’m going to refer to a conversion that came after a paid click as a post click conversion. I’m going to refer to a conversion that happened after a paid ad was seen but not clicked as a post view conversion.

Google Analytics

By default Google Analytics utilizes a last non direct click attribution approach. Google Analytics does not track post view conversions. The primary difference between Google Analytics and the attribution models. The conversion monitoring on the advertising platforms however tend to look at the last click that the particular advertising platform received. So as long as there was a paid click during the conversion window. The advertising platform will claim credit for the click. Regardless of whether it was the last click in the conversion journey or not. If there was more than one paid click though, then it will give the credit to the last paid click before the conversion occurs.

Google Ads\google Ads employs a last Google “PPC Agency Near Me” Ads click attribution model which may be adjusted to either enable for attribution models to be First click, linear, Time Decay, Position Based or if you have enough conversions, a Data Driven attribution model.

Google Ads features a separate column for View. Through conversions which means it is easier to identify the difference between post click conversions and post view conversions.

LinkedIn conversion tracking

LinkedIn offers either a ‘Last Touch – each campaign’ or a ‘last Touch – last campaign’. Attribution model with the default post click window set to 30 days and the default post view window set to 7 days. Advertisers are able to examine post click and post view conversions individually in differently columns. These are termed Conversions and View Conversions in LinkedIn.

Facebook/Instagram conversion monitoring

Facebook groups post click and post view conversions together and while there is a method to segment them. It is not as plain forward as some of the other advertising platforms. To segment post click and post view conversions, you can click on ‘Window Comparison’ when customizing columns.

This will allow you to compare the difference between your current attribution mode and another attribution window that doesn’t contain post view conversions.

Microsoft Advertising conversion tracking

Similar to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (previously Bing Ads). Employs a last Microsoft Advertising click but unlike Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising does not have an opportunity to change the attribution model. It also cannot track post view conversions. The post click window may be impressively set anywhere from 1 minute to 90 days.

Quora conversion tracking

Quora allows for post click and post view conversions to be reported individually. Similar to Google Ads, Quora will ensure that conversions are repeated. By not reporting them as both a post click and a post view conversion. . Whereas Google Ads will not report any conversions as a post view conversion if a post click ad is available within the lookback window.

Quora has a post click window of twenty-eight days and a post view window of one day. It does not allow either the post click or the post view attribution windows to be modified.

Reddit conversion tracking

Reddit has been upgrading its conversion monitoring tools in the last year or two. It now has a twenty-eight-day post click and one day post view conversion window as default. . Marketers can pick whether they want to track post view conversions alone.

Putting it all together

For most advertisers, a post click attribution window of about one month is desirable which is why by default, twenty-eight days or thirty days is used. A limited look through conversion window of either one day or seven days will be what most marketers demand and even though.

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