Are there Business Opportunities in Algeria? And How can You Hunt them?

Algeria is the largest nation in Africa, and the tenth largest in the world. That’s regarding the area. Speaking of its economy, the International Energy Agency classified Algeria as having one of the world’s three largest reserves of shale gas in 2018.. With an economy reliant on hydrocarbon exports, the country ranked 11th in the world in 2021 in terms of estimated natural gas reserves of about 159 trillion cubic feet. It also has about 12.2 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. 

The country’s geographic qualities, its demographic makeup, its oil wealth, and its modern and experienced security sector hint at its future potential as a business friendly place. Algeria is a developing country. No one is denying this. Yet, it has enormous possibilities to boost its economic growth soon. 

So the answer is yes, there are plenty of business opportunities in Algeria. What type of opportunities are we talking about? You may ask. We’re talking about tender calls and RFPs (requests for proposals). 

Before discussing how you can find tender notices, let’s first discuss the fundamentals and regulatory framework of the Algerian tender marketplace.

Tender marketplace in Algeria: 

Public Sector markets in Algeria are subject to several constraints that are imposed on all agents taking part in the public tender process. 

Essentially, the principles of protection of the general interests of the public motivated these constraints. They guarantee the efficiency of the public tender process and the valid use of funds or public monies. This process is based on the combination of three principles:

  • Free access to the public tender process.
  • Equal treatment of applicants.
  • Transparency of procedures.

Accordingly, the public authorities are bound by specific regulations governing public sector markets. These regulations are established by the presidential decree No 15/247 of 16 Sept 2015. The decree contains regulation and provision of the new code of public sector markets and public service commissions.

The rules are strict and complex, which thus leaves people taking part in the different stages of the procurement process often perplexed. 

For a foreigner, to understand how the procurement process works in Algeria is an arduous task. However, with the right tools, you’ll get through everything swiftly and smoothly. Right tools, as in tender websites and mobile apps. 

Tender Platforms in Algeria: 

To begin with, having all the tender information of the entire country, besides the tools and services you need to win contracts in one app, is truly a blessing. And Algeria has just that. One account, one password, but multiple services and benefits. is Algeria’s number one web portal covering tender notices and results, consultations, and business opportunities from public and private sectors. The platform has been the essential guide to the Algerian market since 2010. 

Generally, offers daily alerts and news regarding tenders and contracts for every activity in the marketplace. However, there’s more to it than this. The platform in fact provides all the services and tools for monitoring the Algerian tender marketplace and thus helps you win contracts. 

How to win markets and grow your business? 

Basically, once you get your DZtenders account, you’ll receive the full package that would make your participation in a tender smooth and beneficial.

Initially, the rich information the platform provides results from an accurate process of collecting, analyzing, and sorting national and international tender data. performs this on a daily basis, where they: 

  • Process over 600 notices daily. 
  • Scrutinize 185 local newspapers covering the national territory every day. 
  • Process over 120,000 ads every year. 

Further, the website proposes a set of services that would attend to you throughout your participation in the procurement process. Namely: 

  • Daily Email Alerts:

Those with a membership receive daily email newsletters with tender information depending on the combination of their chosen geography and products and services. They will also receive information about unsuccessful bids and all updates concerning the Algerian calls for tenders and public procurements. 

  • Legal e-advice and tele-assistance provides a legal advisor who accompanies the clients throughout the process of procurement. Precisely, the consultant makes sure that the participant performs all their steps according to the public procurement law.

  • A User-friendly Mobile App: 

The mobile app allows easy access to all the tender information and real-time notifications and alerts. 

In any event, researching tenders can give you an insight into the business environment of a country. By knowing how tenders work, you can get a sense of the culture and business practices of the country. This can help an expatriate who is considering moving to the country to plan his or her move and integration efforts

So, if you’re lost on how to start tendering, will keep you abreast of everything regarding business opportunities in Algeria.

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