Are you looking for some ways to generate your extra income from some easy and feasible methods online? You probably know that there are some apps that you can use not only for entertainment purposes but also to earn money. One of the best method from these days are real cash games and playing fantasy sports on fantasy cricket app. You can make sure that you are productive while also making money out of it. You can enjoy your favorite games or indulge in some of the elementary activities that would generate extra income for you. 

So, we will list down some of the top-rated and trendy apps for you. You can download those apps and start using them to make your extra income now. 


Fantasy Dangal is a fantasy cricket app for all our cricket fans! People who are interested in doing fantasy gaming and earning money by playing games can download this trendy app now. Get your extra income by just playing your favorite fantasy sports! You can enjoy cricket, football, kabaddi on the Fantasy Dangal, fantasy cricket app. Also, sign up on this fantasy cricket app for free and start playing your first match here. Don’t forget to refer and earn with the app. Spread the app link with your family and friends, and if they download it with your link, you will earn bonus points in the app. 


Dangal games is an online platform where you can enjoy some of the popular and your favorite casual games or real cash games. You can enjoy up to 50 casual games and earn daily earnings from the online gaming platform. Who doesn’t want their income to come so quickly? If not the primary income, you can have the passive income generated from this platform. You just have to enjoy the games, and god knows if you can earn some significant earnings from this online gaming platform just by playing real cash games. 

  • FOAP

Where are our lovely photographers who haven’t found any platform to showcase their talent? If you really love photography and want to earn some extra income out of it, then just download this app. You don’t know how excellent the results can be! You have to take photos, show your photography skills and charge as much money as you want for one shot. Now, in this social media world, people only love photographs. People would like you to capture their photos and also pay you for that. How amazing? Download the app if you love the idea!


Bookscouter is an app where you can sell out your old books. Most of us have bundles of books in our homes which we don’t use now, so just sell them out to the people who really need them. You can scan the barcodes with the help of your smartphones, and the app will help you to see the comparison of payouts from many book buyback companies. If you find the best offer on the app, then you can send your books and have the payment for that. 


Do you love rummy games? If yes, we have found the perfect platform for you to play rummy and earn money out of it. You can download the Rummy Dangal app for free and enjoy your best gaming experience with the game. This card game has been a favorite for most of our gamers and one of the best real cash games. Are you ready to make money with your favorite game around the corner? Just sit back on your couch and play on the Rummy Dangal app to earn up to Rs.1 lakh daily. You can play with the live opponents who will make the game much more interesting and exciting at the same time. Rummy is also known to be one of the best real cash games in the category of card games and you can learn the game, if you don’t know how to play. 


How about the idea of selling your old laptop? If you have a laptop at your home and want to sell it. This is the right app for you all. You can select the device you want to sell, and if you find an appropriate buyer, just go for it. You can get paid for that by the customers, and you would get your payment in Paypal or through cheque.


We are here with the opportunity for our poker lovers. Make money out of your favorite game. If you love poker, you can download the app and start playing. Isn’t it a good idea? You can sign up on the app for free and start playing. Also, if you are a beginner for the game, then start with the practice matches first and don’t just hop onto the cash leagues. You can lose your money if you go directly into the cash leagues. Play with the live competitors and make your extra income with poker right now. Get the money while having fun! You must be a part of the poker army as many people are associated with it, because it is considered to be one of the best real cash games. 


It is an app where you can earn your money while doing some of the surveys. It comes from the Ipsos Company. If you are having some free time, you can fill up some of the surveys on this app and start earning with that. Just complete the surveys and get some passive income out of it. Or you can get some points which can be redeemed on Amazon, Itunes, etc. so, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and enjoy your earnings in the easiest way possible. 


These are some of the apps where you can earn money by just doing the most simple things possible. Aren’t these ideas unique? Getting cash for the things which could be done very quickly. People are finding ways in the lockdown time to make their passive income when there is no income possible. We have given you the list of those apps that can generate much passive income for you! In the hard times of lockdown period, many people were relying on the real cash games for their survival and some passive income. 

Give these apps a try and no one knows how lucky you can get with them. If you go on with using these apps, you can become a pro and then start earning vast amounts on a daily basis. But you have to start first! When you will begin to, you will get to know how good you are with the things. So, If you want to have a good pastime and be productive at the same time then indulge in real cash games or make your team on fantasy cricket app.

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