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Air Conditioning Hacks to Save Money and Reduce Carbon Footprint!

Air conditioning is a necessity in most homes and offices, but in recent years, it’s become more and more common. Not only does it keep us cool during hot summer days, but it also keeps us comfortable year-round. With the warmer temperatures, we’ve all been constantly checking our air conditioners and making sure that they’re working properly. Here are some air conditioning rosebud hacks to keep your utility cost and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Don’t Turn Your AC On or Off at the Same Time

This is the most obvious, but it’s still a good idea to avoid turning your air conditioner on and off at the same time. Turning it on and off will cause the unit to run longer than necessary.

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Only Install What You Need

First, consider your needs. While some people have air conditioning in their whole house, others only need it in one room or two. Be sure to install what you need and only pay for the parts that you use. Second, turn off your air conditioner when you’re not home. If you know that you won’t be around during the day, turn off your power and let the air conditioner work for you! Third, shut down unused vents As a final note, don’t forget about the rest of your house! Shut down the unused vents in your home to keep them from getting too hot. Save yourself from those higher utility bills and from excess carbon emissions.

Unplug Electronics Before Turning on Your Air Conditioner

While you’re at it, unplug all the electronics in your home before turning on your air conditioner. This will reduce unnecessary energy use and save money.

Don’t Over Cool Your Home

If you’re not sure how much your air conditioner is cooling your home, it’s best to turn it down. Overcooling can cause the unit to struggle and use more energy. In addition, if you overcool your home during a hot summer day, you’ll need an even larger air conditioner later on in the day.

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Use a Fan Before You Turn on Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner will use more energy to cool off the room if you turn it on once it’s already warm. To prevent this, turn on a fan in your room first before turning on your air conditioners. This helps to create a small breeze that can help to cool down the room.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed When the Air Conditioner is Running

This may seem like a small detail that doesn’t make a difference, but it’s actually quite important. If you have your windows and doors open when the air conditioner is running, you’ll be wasting energy and money. This is because the outside air that enters your home will cross-ventilate and cool down the area around your air conditioner (the air conditioner will work harder to keep up), which means you’ll need to run it for longer periods of time than necessary. Keeping your windows and doors closed will also help prevent excess noise from travelling outside into the room where you’re sleeping or working.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint, air conditioning is the way to go. A dirty air conditioner runs hotter and costs more energy due to heating rosebud than an efficient one. To prolong the life of your air conditioner, clean it once a month with cool water and vinegar. If you have hard water in your area, make sure that you rinse off all of the minerals before cleaning it so that there are no abrasions on the compressor or condenser coils.


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