About Bali Pass Trek and its Itinerary

Bali Pass Trek offers natural splendour. And has the opportunity to discover the region’s magnificent splendour, which includes valleys. Enjoy an incredible 360-degree panorama of Swargarohini, Kalanag, and Bandarpoonch while trekking in the Uttarakhand Himalaya. On the Kedarkantha trek or the Har ki dun walk, trekkers can catch the magnificence of these peaks. Ruinsara lake joins Yamunotri valley and Har ki Dun valley.

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The Har ki dun bali pass trekking trail takes you through breathtaking vistas of the Tons and Ruinsara rivers, as well as the lush meadows of Dev Thach. This is a challenging trekking trail that should only be attempted by physically fit hikers. The trekking trails in Uttarakhand are seemingly infinite. The Bali pass Ruinsara lake trip is one of Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalayan region’s lesser-known treks. There’s also the lovely Ruinsara lake, which is surrounded by verdant meadows.

Trekkers can experience an adventure on the trek’s ice-cold w威而鋼
alking track, which is located at 4800 metres above sea level. Sankri is the starting point for the Bali Pass hike. Sankari is the starting point for the Harkidun, Kedarkantha, and Bali Pass Ruinsar Lake treks. The trail to Bali Pass travels through a dense grove of pine and deodar trees. The trek’s primary highlights are the Ruinsara Glacial Lake and the Dev Thach’s lovely green meadows. The Ruinsara glacier lake is breathtakingly beautiful, and trekkers can have a great perspective of it.

The picturesque beauty of the surrounding area adds to the appeal of this walk. It is regarded one of the Indian Himalaya’s undiscovered trekking trails. Summer is the greatest time to visit (May-June). There are numerous reasons to spend a few days away from home. You can also make movies of the Bali pass trip with the stunning scenery. As the temperature drops on Himalayan climbs, your battery will discharge even if you are not using it, and energy is scarce. So remember to bring a camera with a spare battery.

Bali Pass is a demanding journey that should only be attempted by experienced hikers. It is regarded as one of the least travelled trekking routes. The Bali Pass Trek is a wonderful trail that gives breathtaking views of the towering mountains of Swargarohini, Kalanga, and Bandarpoonch.

Day 1

The Bali Pass Trek begins in Dehradun and ends in Sankri. At tonnes valley, the journey passes through Mussoorie, Yamuna Bridge, and Naitwar. Sankari is a small hamlet in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi district. Sankari is the starting point for the Har ki Doon, Kedarkantha, Bali Pass, and Rupin Pass treks. Arrive, unwind, and then spend the night at the hotel.

Day 2

The journey to Taluka begins today. The trek begins in Taluka and ends in Seema. The Bali Pass trekking trail passes through a forest of apple orchids and follows the Supin River. Explore the area while also having the possibility to do jungle trekking. We arrive at Seema campground after a few hours. Before getting ready for the next day, unwind.

Day 3

From Seema, the simple trekking track leads to the Dhevsu bugyal campground. The Dhevsu bugyal campground will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to reach. The trail leads to a stunning large meadow after passing through the forest. Trekkers can glimpse the Har ki Doon Valley on their trip to the Har ki dun Bali pass campground. The settlements of Puoni and Osla are also nearby.
After a few hours, you will arrive at the magnificent Dhevsu Bugyal trek campground. The surrounding scenery includes rivers, meadows, and stunning mountains. This is the amazing Har Ki Dun Bali Pass Trek campground. Explore the region before spending the night in a tent.

Day 4

The journey to Ruinsara Tal begins bright and early on the fourth day. It will take about 4 to 5 hours to get to the Ruinsara Tal. The trail continues through more vivid areas, rich grasslands, and dense conifer forest. When you arrive at the Ruinsara Lake campsite. Relax before pitching your tent for the night.

Day 5

The trek’s rest day. Trekkers can explore the area around this Ruinsara Lake Campsite, which is surrounded by stunning mountains. Also visible from here is a clear glimpse of KalaNag mountain. The camping at Ruinsara Lake is in a spectacular highland setting. Furthermore, the breathtaking view of the valley is a truly unforgettable experience.

Day 6

Early in the morning, the train departs for the Bali pass. The journey to Bali pass base will take approximately 4 to 5 hours. The trail from Ruinsara Lake to the base of Bali Pass is 6 kilometres long. A spectacular vista of the triad peaks of Kalanag, Bandra Punch, and Swargarohini is a visual delight. Also, the magnified view of the trail from Sankri to the base of Bali Pass looks insane. Enjoy the scenery before spending the night in a tent at Odhari.

Day 7

The Bali pass Ruinsara lake trip was a tough day. Early in the morning, we set off on the trail to Upper Dhamni via Bali Pass. It stands at a height of 4,800 metres above sea level. It’s also a difficult pass. The Bali Pass takes about 3 hours to reach. You get a chance to photograph the gorgeous peaks after reaching the highest point of the Bali pass climb. Also visible are both sides of the Valley. Explore the region, then descend to the Upper Dhamni after spending some time at the top. The descent is severe until you reach the campsite. Arrive, relax, and then stay the night.

Day 8

The Har ki dun Bali Pass Ruinsara Lake Trek’s final day. Trek to Hanuman Chatti to view the confluence of the Yamuna and the Hanuman Ganga. Then drive back to Dehradun from this spot. Also Explore about Rupin Pass Trek .

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