A Water Bladder Tank and Time Saving Tips for Your Fire Response Team

Whether you are leading a firefighting team into the forest to stop a fire from growing or organizing the staging grounds for a smaller operation, you know how important it is to be efficient and save as much time as possible. When planning how to manage your team and accomplish your latest response effort, the to-do list can seem impossibly long. If you fall behind, there are times it can feel like you’ll never catch up. A fire waits for no one, and you need to keep your team as efficient as possible to make sure they’re safe, keep the surrounding area protected, and get ready to fight the fire. From using a water bladder tank to taking small steps toward larger goals, here’s how you can optimize your fire response operation.

Time Is the One Resource You Can Never Get Back

Before you start, you need to get into the right mindset. When you evaluate the latest incident, there’s one resource you should prioritize above all: time. In fact, time is always ticking away. It is the one thing you can’t get back because it always keeps moving. It doesn’t matter if your team is a well-oiled machine or still ironing out your plan of action—time will keep moving. Once you accept this fact, you can build a properly efficient response system that saves your team as much time as possible.

Preparation and Small Steps Deliver Big Results

The first step is preparing yourself, your team, and the site to set your operation up for success. This means writing down everyone’s responsibilities, setting up a detailed schedule, and ensuring everyone is informed of the job ahead. While these may seem like small steps, they can deliver powerful results. The more time you spend preparing before a fire occurs, the less time you spend recovering from mistakes, forgotten tasks, and misplaced gear. In the end, you’ll save yourself a lot of energy and work.

Find Ways to Improve the Fundamentals with Tools Like a Water Bladder Tank

Creating an efficient and time-saving team can come from optimizing everything that happens in the margins. To put it differently, these are the fundamental tasks your crew performs every day. These are things like:

• Cleaning their gear

• Eating meals

• Organizing tools and equipment

• Asking for instructions

• Preparing for the job that day

The more efficient you make these essential processes, the smoother your team can get each job done. For instance, a water bladder tank can be an invaluable solution on-site. A bladder made from NSF 61 certified materials can provide clean water for your crew while they complete the mission. In this situation, you could keep it in the bed of a truck or lay it out on a ground pad, giving your team easy access to water for hydration, cooking, and cleaning jobs.

Safety Helps in the Short and Long Term

Safety should always be your number one priority. You want your crew to be as safe as possible. But did you know these practices can help your fire response operation run even more smoothly? Imagine one of your trucks starts leaking oil. If you aren’t prepared, it can take a long time to respond and clean up, which could even prevent you from being able to respond to a fire efficiently. However, if you have spill containment berms on hand, you can quickly deploy the right solution and keep the oil spill contained. So, keep all the gear you need to protect your workers and job site on hand and keep it accessible.

There are many ways to keep your fire response team efficient this season. These suggestions only represent a small slice of the strategies you can use, but they are a great starting point. Apply these simple measures to your plan of action, and you can see a transformation in how your team utilizes their time.

About AIRE Environmental

When it comes to spill containment and water storage solutions, AIRE Environmental (formerly AIRE Industrial) is the perfect choice for your efforts. For over two decades, they’ve provided high-quality portable water bladders, flood control gear, spill containment berms, and more used in industries ranging from disaster response to chemical processing. AIRE Environmental is focused on giving your organization the best possible products to keep you, your team, the environment, and your community safe. Can’t find what you’re looking for? AIRE Environmental’s team of designers and skilled technicians can help create the perfect solution for your needs. From their base in Meridian, Idaho, USA, Aire Environmental is helping businesses across the country prepare for anything and everything.

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