5 Tips You Need to Sell Your Property in Sydney 2022

The real estate market in Sydney is rising. According to a March report from last year by The Urban Developer, Sydney’s house prices rose 2.5 per cent month-on-month and 2.8 per cent year-on-year, with the median value of property in the city currently standing at $895,933. House prices in Sydney showed an overall increase of 3 per cent and unit prices increased by 1.2 per cent, pushing median values to $1,061,229 and $738,254, respectively. 

Understanding how to sell your property in Sydney can have a big impact on both the results of the sale and your experience of the process. However, unless you’ve done it before, it’s difficult to know what to expect.

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to choose to sell your house – you might be upgrading to a larger home or better location, downsizing after your kids have moved out, or you just want to acquire capital from your investment. Choosing to sell, whatever your motive, is a major move. It’s also the first of several choices you’ll have to make.

It takes time and a lot of practice to figure out how to sell a property. While you won’t be carrying out work alone, it’s still essential to have some idea of what’s involved.

1. Get ready to sell in the seller’s market

The seller’s market offers many potential benefits to the seller. However, provided they approach the real estate market and make targeted efforts to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. Even if the number of competing properties is small, the seller can do whatever it takes to grab the attention of potential buyers and get them to buy their property rather than the other properties vying for the buyer’s attention.

The final price at which a house is sold is always related to the price at which an equivalent house is sold in the same city or suburb. Similar homes, as your real estate agent explains, share some of the characteristics of your home. That’s why you need to make sure your home makes a good impression right from the start.

2. Hire an experienced broker

The first step to a successful real estate business is to find a real estate agent who understands your needs and expectations regarding the sale of your property. This person will help you complete one of the largest financial transactions you can do in your life, so they will be trading on your behalf and your property online and in traditional media that you need to fully trust to sell both effectively. 

A good real estate agent is one who not only has the necessary training to do business in this field but also has experience in this field, especially in the area where your property is located. As real estate agents, they have lived through many seasons, witnessing the decline and flow of the local real estate market, navigating the choppy waters of the real estate market and guiding sellers from “sell” to “sell”. When choosing a real estate agent to help you sell, be sure to do thorough research and interview a number of real estate agents before choosing a partner for a successful real estate business.

Sure, sellers can choose to go it alone if they are unwilling to pay commissions for the services offered by the broker, but that also means making important checks on the sale of the property itself. If you don’t like the guide, it should be a good reason to convince yourself to sell with the help of a real estate agent, but there are many other reasons for doing so.

3. Be Realistic With Price 

Buyers today have a lot of information about the property’s value, so make sure it’s realistic about the list price. Too high a price in the first place discourages potential buyers and wastes marketing time and costs. Make sure you get an expert appraisal of your property from a local real estate agent.

4. Your Property Inclusions Must Be Working Fine

Make sure all properties are in good condition, including dishwashers, stoves, ovens, range hoods, air conditioners, dryers, and secure garages. When the broker checks out, most buyers are willing to take action because they expect all inclusions in the property to work. If you want to fix something, fix it before you sell it. If this information is not disclosed to the agent to avoid problems during negotiations.

5. Maximize your marketing methods

Effective marketing is the key to selling a home quickly. The services of a good real estate agent give you access to some of the largest online real estate marketing platforms and a large database of potential buyers. Brokers can recommend a combination of online and traditional marketing strategies, such as newspaper ads.

When preparing your home for the market, make sure your ad shines online as most potential buyers may encounter your home for the first time. Good home staging and professional real estate photos will make your ad stand out from others. Ask your broker who they recommend.

Sydney is currently experiencing a rise in house prices, which is laying the foundation for the seller’s market and which could last at least the next three years.

It is important for sellers to take advantage of this time to market their homes efficiently as property prices are constantly rising and demand far exceeds what potential buyers can afford. This means upgrading the property to attract the largest pool of potential buyers, but also valuing fairly based on comparable property characteristics.

Regardless of the economic situation, a reliable and experienced broker can help you sell fast and at the right price. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for houses for sale in inner west Sydney, you can check out for more information. 

I hope that this article can guide you in your selling endeavours! If you think that this article is helpful, please let us know what you think below.

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