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5 Marketing Services You Need to Start Using Now

The market today is much more competitive than it has been in the past. You need to do something different if you want to succeed in business, and that means using some of the many marketing services available to help you out.

If you’re new to the world of marketing, don’t worry – this article will give you 5 digital marketing services that you should start using immediately, along with explanations of each service so you know what they do and why you need them.

1) Choosing social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all great ways of getting your business out there. That said, you should pick one or two to focus on—three max. While Facebook is obviously one of the most popular social networks out there (1 billion daily users), it’s worth noting that not every user is looking for a digital marketing service provider.

They may just want cat videos and updates from friends. YouTube is another consideration: It has more than 1 billion active users (and 1 billion hours of video watched each day).

Instagram can be an effective platform too because it reaches 18–29-year-olds who are more likely to spend money than other age groups.

If you have a shop, then Pinterest could help you drive traffic there since its demographic consists mostly of female consumers.

2) Hiring content writers

Today, many digital marketing agencies have their own in-house teams. However, because of varying content needs (as well as budgets), agencies may outsource part or all of their content creation and management.

Depending on your team’s needs and goals, you might do best with in-house vs. agency.

It’s often helpful to work with an agency that can point you toward top talent across a range of different writing platforms: native copy for social media posts, blogs, and ebooks; landing pages; user experience testing; print and infographic collateral material.

Ultimately, it comes down to your budget—and whether you plan to continue hiring digital marketing services over time.

3) Buying targeted followers

If you’re looking for immediate results from your social media marketing campaign, a digital marketing agency can help.

A good digital marketing agency will create a digital marketing plan for you, or consult you about an existing one.

They’ll study where your audience spends its time online, and then make suggestions on how best to reach them.

This can include buying targeted followers (i.e., fake followers) so that your account looks legitimate to outsiders, and recruiting people in relevant online communities as brand ambassadors.

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4) Engaging with influencers

For digital marketing services like influencer marketing, don’t just pick any influencers, or you could end up with a lot of bad social media posts about your company.

It’s better to narrow it down and choose a specific niche that aligns well with your business.

For example, if you sell vegan snacks, it might be smart to partner with Instagram accounts that focus on vegetarianism. That way they’re more likely to share your content since their audience will be interested in it.

5) Developing your email list

One of our favorite digital marketing tactics is email list building. But where do you start? Well, you need a decent list of emails.

And while that may sound like a lot of work, it’s actually easier than you think! Building an email list through social media is still one of the most effective ways to grow your business because you’ll be engaging with potential customers who are already interested in your product or service. Here are some quick tips for getting started

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