5 Best Strategies to Invest for Your Children’s Education Early

Every guardian wishes to plan a comfortable and bright future for their kids. However, choosing the right way to do so is complicated at times. While some investments can prove fruitful at a later date, making wrong investment decisions can impact financial plans.

 About this, many guardians do not start saving for their children until they achieve a certain age, like -14-15. But, one must invest early for the investments to provide good returns. The country hosts different funds for baby and child education funds.

Saving is critical for your children’s future. The tuition and university fees in the UK are on the rise. Therefore, many guardians find it challenging to arrange it upfront. Borrowing excessively at a later stage could prove costly. Instead, there are multiple loan options that you can apply for 5-6 years ahead. It is affordable and helps you ensure university fees are hassle-free.

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It is why it is ideal for early planning for children’s future, ensuring financial flexibility, and arranging for unforeseen expenses. The blog discusses certain ways to plan the child’s future early.

How To Ensure Profitable Investments for Your Child’s Education?

Whether you are looking to save for your baby, your grandchildren, or your children, putting some money away for them is ideal. It helps teach healthy spending habits to children when they grow up. There are several options to choose from. However, one must have a well-defined purpose:

  • For whom are you saving?
  • What are you saving?
  • When do you want the money exactly?
  • Do you need an expert’s help to decide the right for your child?
  • Which expenditure should you restrict to save more?
  • What kind of investments suits your income and spending habits?

Once you ensure clarity on all of these aspects, you can easily figure out the right financing option for your children.

What You Must Know Before Investing For Your Child’s Future?

Before investing in your children’s bright future, you must be familiar with certain things.

  • Any parent/guardian can open a bank account for your child soon after birth.
  • In most cases, you can open up a savings account with as little as £1
  • Your child becomes eligible to manage funds as soon as he turns 7
  • When one opens an account for a baby child, it generally opens in their name. However, one can transfer the same after the child matures to 18.

What are some best strategies to save early for a child’s education?

There are several things to consider while saving for children. Every child has different aspirations and dreams. Moreover, the guardian’s finances and affordability differ.

Evaluate the below ways to maximize the savings and investment curve.

1)      Junior Cash Stocks and Shares (ISA)s

It is for children of age below 18 years of age. After 18 years of age, the account will automatically transfer to the children’s name. The best features are:

  • Junior ISA is tax-free
  • The interest rate one receives on savings is higher than other funds. It offers 2.95% interest on every £1
  • It is ideal only if you want to save for your children until the age they turn 18
  • In this, you can either use all your allowance, invest in shares, or split between both

However, the maximum amount you can pay towards the Junior ISA is £9000 for 2022-2023. So, you must tap into other alternatives to save more for the child’s future.

2)      NS&I Premium Bonds for child

These are premium bonds or investment options offered By National Savings and Investments (NS&I). Under this, you can buy bonds ranging from £25 and £25000. Moreover, one shares the benefit of winning exciting monthly prizes in this bond.

  • These are a great way for grandparents to save for their children
  • Winnings are tax-free
  • If you have a good amount to dedicate towards saving, these premium bonds could be a better option than JSA.
  • You can buy the bonds until you reach the £50,000
  • Watching your child’s inclination towards exciting prizes and financial management would be interesting.
  • However, you may not receive interest on the winnings or savings.

3)      Children’s Pension (Junior SIPP)

Guardians set up a child’s pension for children under the age of 18 years. Importantly, a children’s pension shares many similarities with adults’ pensions and pension tax.

  • In this, one can pay £2,880 per year.
  • The option provides 20%
  • It is a self-invested Personal Pension.
  • It provides inheritance tax benefits. Suppose you pay £2,880 per year towards Junior SIPP and stay within tax-free gift limits. In this, one could fetch £3,600 tax relief on gifts.
  • You can help your child purchase their first property by paying into a SIPP.

4)      Children’s easy Access to Savings account

It is one of the best ways to save for your child once they turn 15. In this:

  • One can withdraw money whenever one wants to. However, ensure to tap into these only if extremely necessary.
  • It is one of the best ways to teach your child to manage money and savings.
  • Interests gained on this account are fairly low compared to other saving options.
  • Interest-earned is tax-liable
  • If the interest exceeds £100 on the child’s savings account, the guardian must pay the complete bill, including interests.

5)      Discretionary Trust

Discretionary trusts are set up with a gift, normally a guardian or grandparent. It is ideal for guardians who wish to invest a fairly large amount (usually over £1,00,000).

It allows one to choose who must receive the money and when. In precise, it could be used as a gift to a child by a grandparent or guardian for important aspects of the child’s life- graduation, education, marriage, etc.

Under this, if the home is held under a discretionary trust, it would be included in the beneficiary’s estate. The estate could not be subjected to further extension on the beneficiary’s death. It is even if the direct descendants get it automatically.

What Are Some Ways to Open Up The Children’s Accounts?

You can open up the accounts in 3 possible ways:

  • By applying online
  • Online
  • By post

However, before applying, you must be an account holder in that institution.

The lender may ask you to apply if you do not have one. This would follow child identification proof:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Address proof

The address proof could be council tax or a utility bill in the guardian’s name.

Bottom line

So, these are ways to plan for your child’s education early and ensure the best once they attain maturity. Choose according to your finances and aspirations. Which of these do you find the best for your situation? Comment.

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