10 Best Practical Tips to Help You in House Shifting from Mumbai

Read along the following pointers to know about the 10 best practical tips to help you in house shifting from Mumbai:

1. Organise your Move

When you are considering shifting from Mumbai to some other place in proximity or to some distant place in India, you need to first organise your move. You should fix the major aspects of the move which are the moving date and the budget that you are ready to spend on the move. If you can choose your moving day, then choose a day that is a month later than the present date. Check your savings and fix a moving budget so that your regular expenses do not get disturbed. Deciding on these factors is important to chalk out further procedures.

2. Prepare a moving checklist

After you are done with the planning, now comes the turn for the preparation. While shifting your house from Mumbai, you have to prepare a checklist as soon as possible. This moving checklist is going to help you track your array of preparatory activities. Abide by the checklist and don’t procrastinate on the tasks for the last day. You can make the entire house shifting process well organised and simple if you work according to the moving checklist.

3. Fix your moving company

This is perhaps the most important decision in your total shifting process; to find a suitable and competent moving company. You should finalise your moving company after doing enough research and go through the online reviews of the customers who have already availed of their services. Then conduct pre-move surveys through each of the companies that you short-list. Ask them to send you the cost quotations. Compare the rates to choose the company that charges you the least.

You cannot trust any moving company blindly as there are many moving companies in Mumbai that are into swindling activities. Therefore, you should visit the office of the moving company and check their credentials. Even if you find their documents in place, you should not make an abrupt down payment in cash to the packers and movers. Be careful when you deal with the packers and movers. The motive here is to fix the moving company that is genuine and efficient.

4. Cast out the inessentials

While shifting from Mumbai to some long-distant place, you should be concerned about cutting down the size of your move. Figure out the essential items in your house and keep them aside from the inessentials. As for the inessentials, you can donate, sell, or discard them if you are never going to need them hereafter. You should decide to move with only those items that you think are essential. This step will deduct the size of your move and will hence reduce the moving charges.

5. Defend your valuables

You must be having some valuables things in your possession that need special attention. You cannot let your packers and movers handle your expensive things like jewelleries, branded wristwatches, pricey artefacts, and confidential personal and official documents. Therefore, you should pack them by yourself in a suitcase and keep them locked inside your wardrobe. When you shift from your house, you should carry it with you.

6. Put up an overnight box

Put up an overnight box to let you go through the initial days after your shift into your new house. Your overnight box should have a few sets of fresh clothing and underwear, toiletries, towels, bedspreads, disposable cutleries, cleaning supplies, medicines, etc. Don’t forget to pack this box or else when you will need the essential items, you have to search all the packing boxes for them.

7. Tag the packing boxes

After packing each box, you should tag them. Since you have hired the packers and movers in Mumbai, it is their job to tag the boxes right after they finish packing each one of them. But you also have to instruct them to tag the boxes in the right way. They can use a thick marker pen to write the names of the room these boxes belong to. Again, they can also use painter’s tape of different colours by assigning each room with a particular colour. Tagging each box will save you a lot of time and effort when you will be looking for something in particular.

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8. Get Insurance

If you are considering an intercity move from Mumbai, you should get moving insurance. It will keep your goods protected in transit. If you avail of the moving insurance, the moving company will take the liability of your goods. If anything goes wrong by any chance, then the moving company will be entitled to pay you the promised compensation for the loss or damage of your goods.

The moving company can repair your damaged product, they can pay for the damages of the product, or they can replace the damaged product with a new one depending upon the kind of insurance you opted for. You should read every line of the moving insurance policy before signing the moving contract with them.

9. Operate the utilities

Don’t forget to operate the utility services as you shift out of your Mumbai house. If you are shifting to some other place in Mumbai itself, you need to make a single phone call and ask the utility providers to transfer the services to your new local address.

But if you are moving intercity from Mumbai, you need to discontinue the utilities calling up your present providers. You need to call the utility providers of your new address in the new city and ask them to connect your utilities from the date of your arrival. You have to be hands-on about operating the utilities as the packers and movers from Mumbai to Jaipur do not have any role to play in this matter.

10. Track your goods

If you are shifting to some other city from Mumbai, you should ask for the tracking ID for your goods from the moving company. This will enable you to stay updated about the position of your moving vehicle as it is in transit.

The Happy Ending

Shifting your house from Mumbai to another city will make you miss the benevolent and hardworking people, the vada-pav, and the madness of the devotees during the Ganpati Puja. But you will be happy not having to face the squishing experience in the Mumbai locals, the unending rains, and the tiny houses with extreme rents. Follow the 10 best practical tips to help you in house shifting from Mumbai to experience a hassle-free move. Good luck Bantai!


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